Insurance & Reassurance

At Private Midwives, we believe in making sure all our expectant mothers have the best possible experience through pregnancy, part of which is having the reassurance of knowing that their dedicated midwife is insured and the care that they are receiving is supported and approved in every way.

Ensuring we always provide the very latest in private maternity services means we consider our insurance as an extremely important part of the care our clients receive.

Private Midwives are very proud to be fully insured for all aspects of midwifery care with no exclusions on practice.

Only clients with one of our midwives (as seen on our team page) AND a contract for care from Private Midwives are insured. Without BOTH of these, your midwife is not insured to care for you.

If you wish to ensure that you are covered by this indemnity, please email our office with your name and contract number, or call if urgent.

We are currently not aware of any other U.K. midwifery birth insurance outside of the NHS, so if you are booked privately with someone else, please ask your carer to provide you with verifiable evidence of their indemnity.

Outside of the NHS, Private Midwives is the only national provider of midwifery services to have appropriate insurance.