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Hospital Births

Some women prefer to have a baby in hospital, or for medical reasons are advised that this is safest for them. Being in a strange environment can be very frightening and fear and birth don’t go well together. Having a private midwife can make all the difference.

Our private midwives can ensure you get the support and care you need before and during your birth in hospital. We have a range of options regarding hospital births, have a look below for more details:

Hospital birth with private midwife support

This option is available in all areas, but women in Ireland are advised to contact their local hospital as they need to give permission for your private midwife to accompany you. Permission is not required for any hospital in the UK.

Your midwife can be with you at home to support you in early labour if you have booked an antenatal care package with us. When the time is right, you make your way to the hospital and your midwife will meet you there. She will stay with you throughout, ensuring you are never left alone and there is always a skilled professional watching over you and your baby. The hospital will be clinically responsible for you and your private midwife will provide emotional support to you and your partner. Everything will be explained to you by someone you know and trust. Your midwife will ensure your wishes are respected and listened to

What is included?

  • Your midwife is on call and available to support you during birth from 36 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy. 
  • Support at home in early labour (if an antenatal care package is booked with us)
  • Your midwife will be with you in hospital at all times, giving you her undivided attention and care
  • After birth, your midwife can help with hygiene needs if you need some help
  • Your midwife will assist you with breast feeding if this is what you choose to do