Private Caesarean Section

Private Midwives has an established history of working in collaboration with the NHS to provide safe, effective choice options for women during pregnancy and birth. We are delighted to be able to offer our private Caesarean Section service available in Cheshire.

Whilst we are advocates of physiological birth and a large part of our work is home births, we have teamed up with one of our partner hospitals to offer Caesarean Section to women who choose this option. Currenly, this option is rarely available outside London and costs within London can be confusing and expensive. By working in collaboration with the NHS we hope to bring you the best of both worlds. All of the expertise on hand, at a reasonable price. Your own private midwife, obstetrician and anaesthetist. Your own room. A comprehensive service and a realistic and affordable amount, with interest free paymennt plans.

Considering a Caesarean Section?

  • An initial telephone or face-to-face consultation with the Obstetrician to assess you clinically and discuss your suitability for Caesarean.
  • A second appointment with the Obstetrician. Date for surgery agreed. Assessment by Anaesthetist. Tour of the hospital. MRSA swabs, blood tests and pre-op checks are done at 35 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Admission to hospital the night before surgery. Single en-suite room throughout. A reclining chair is available if your partner wants to stay overnight.
  • Day One: Planned Caesarean Section in an NHS operating theatre but with your private midwife, Obstetrician and Anaesthetist who you have met previously.
  • 48hrs of dedicated support from your midwife and support worker to help with your needs, assist with baby care and feeding.
  • Day Two: Review by Obstetrician. Twice daily care visits from your private midwife and support worker with care in-between from the NHS midwives. Full paediatric check of baby.
  • Day Three: discharge from hospital.
  • Day Five: postnatal visit to check mum and baby and complete baby newborn screening blood test & discharge by your Midwife
  • Travel to and from appointments within a 50 mile radius included

Optional Extras

We have optional extras available that are ideal if you are not local to the Cheshire area. These extras allow your partner to stay at a local hotel before and after the procedure and also allow mum to have a nice environment to be discharged to, see below for what the optional extras include:

  • Stay at a local, family run hotel. A superior double en-suite room available on a B&B basis for dad/birth partner from the night before surgery.
  • Exec transfer from hospital to hotel for mum and baby.
  • Remain at the hotel until discharge on day 5 with daily visits from your midwife/support worker during your stay.

Additional antenatal and postnatal care can also be added as per the options below:

  • Flexible Antenatal appointments with your private midwife every 4 weeks until week 29 of pregnancy, then bi-weekly until week 36 of pregnancy, then weekly until birth
  • Enhanced antenatal care: as above plus private blood tests and scans as clinically needed. "Serenity Plus" genetic screening test.
  • Extended postnatal care: Until baby is 2 weeks old, or 4 weeks old or 6 weeks old
  • Intensive Breast feeding support (standard package includes support on day 1,2,3 and 5) this can be upgraded to have daily support for the first 7 days. Each visit is focused on helping you to establish breast feeding. Care is spread between home and hospital. Home visits are typically 2hrs each.

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