Who We Are

A private company established over 10yrs. We work all over the UK and Republic of Ireland. We employ around 100 midwives. We care for almost 1000 women a year. We are registered with the CQC and we have full clinical indemnity insurance.

Why Work With Us

Almost all of the midwives who work with us have previously worked in NHS or HSE hospitals and left because they felt unsupported, possibly bullied, disheartened, not listened to and blamed when the systems they had to work in failed the women in their care. They often contact us as “broken midwives” on the verge of leaving the profession altogether. For some, caseloading is not the answer – but for others, this new way of working, in a supportive and nurturing company where everyone is listened to and involved, results in them regaining their love for midwifery and their passion to provide excellent, high standards of care.

Most organisations will tell you they care; tell you they look after their staff and “talk-the-talk” about staff welfare being directly linked to client quality and safety of care. However, here at Private Midwives, we really mean it and our feedback from clients, staff and our outcomes all validate this.

Below are a few quotes/results from our 2021 staff survey, which was anonymous so staff could be honest and tell us anything at all:

  • Nothing could be better, the organisation is fantastic
  • We asked if staff could access someone 24/7 for advice, support or to raise concerns. 100% said yes.
  • We asked staff who had been involved in a clinical incident how they felt about the process of the investigation. “I felt supported, I was treated fairly, the focus was on learning, I was listened to, my views were considered”
  • Everyone agreed that the organisation prioritises safety first above all else
  • Private Midwives goes above and beyond to make sure all staff feel cared for and are part of the PM family. I have never been so happy in my role.

Our Client Feedback

Our client feedback is also excellent with numerous lovely comments about how much they appreciate their care and the midwife who shared their experience. We have a 99% recommendation. You can read many of the comments in the parents feedback section or on our social media pages.

Staff Support

We believe that all staff need to be supported. Working in a caseloading model can be isolating at time but we have a huge range of involvement options and support mechanisms:

  • Staff private facebook group – used mainly for training, updates, announcements
  • Staff peer support WhatsApp for peer advise, feedback, information sharing
  • Manager on call 24/7 for advice and support
  • Comprehensive training plan to include mandatory and optional topics
  • Annual equipment calibration checks
  • PMAs available to advise, support and nurture
  • Staff Employee Assistance Scheme – a confidential 24/7 service for all staff and their families. Sign posts to advice on a range of finance, health and well-being topics
  • 24/7 support helpline, confidential counselling and advice
  • Confidential, external, face-to-face counselling sessions for any subject – work or home related
  • All policies available in a handy, portable QR book so you (and your clients) can access them anywhere from your phone and you always have the latest version – you are asked to contribute to the updates of policies so we can be sure they work for you
  • Opportunities to grow, develop and learn new skills such as audit, policy writing, training, case presentations, social media marketing
  • Staff involvement in all decisions, wherever possible
  • Location based team meetings
  • Funded training for NIPE, tongue tie, PMA
  • Comprehensive and supportive governance arrangements to minimise admin for midwives whilst maximising safety and learning
  • Employee rewards – we have a quiz twice a year which is based on learning from events, with good quality prizes for the winders. We have client and peer nominated gifts for “international Day of the Midwife” and various engagements events with prizes throughout the year as our little way of saying “Thank you” and brightening your day.
  • Perinatal, hand-held written notes.
  • Excellent job satisfaction. Be the midwife you want to be. Autonomous, caring, compassionate with the time to devote to the families in your care. Providing care throughout the whole journey and making a real, positive difference

We offer a number of options and opportunities for fantastic midwives to work with us. There are great benefits in working for the one of the largest providers of private midwifery services in the country.

Who Are Our Clients?

Most of our clients fall into 2 categories. 1) women who have been traumatised by a previous experience and 2) professional women who want appointments outside of their work schedule. A smaller number are surrogate families, celebrities or international clients. Since the start of the pandemic, we have booked clients who want family centred care with their partners present.

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer a range of services from single appointments to full care packages. We do not offer obstetric care. Antenatal appointments are 1-2hrs in the woman’s home. They are 4 weekly until 28 weeks, then 2 weekly until 36 weeks, then weekly. Appointments include birth education and planning and relaxation. About 70% of our clients currently book a home birth. Our successful home birth rate once a woman commences labour with us is about 85%. Postnatal care is up to 4 weeks typically. We can also offer private scans and private blood tests including GTT at home and NIPT testing.


Your caseload size depends on you. Typically, midwives care for 15-25 women a year but some are a little higher. Some midwives are “semi-retired” and do less. You get paid per client you care for if you are on the “pay as you go”, or bank employment basis.

Job Description

Take a look at our PDF for a detailed job description of the role, simply click on the job description book:

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Salary, T&Cs

There are 3 working options:

  1. Bank or “pay as you go” - If you are on our “bank” you still work in a caseloading model. We do not have positions for single “bank” shifts like the NHS do. All of our care provision is case-loading, but on bank (or pay as you go), you get paid per client you care for. So the more clients you have, the more you get paid. Your pay will vary each month as it is spread over the months that care is provided. Most of our midwives earn £20-£65K a year depending on how big their caseload is. You can take leave when you want, as much as you want. We have a company pension called NEST that is optional. You get 25p per mile travel expenses.
  2. Salaried - In some areas, for the right candidate, we will offer a set salaried role. The salary is normally £30K-£40K depending on experience. Caseload is typically 25 births a year for full time, with some Antenatal and Postnatal packages as well. 35 days annual leave. 25p per mile travel expenses. £20 per month phone allowance.
  3. After you have been with us for 6 months there may be an option to work with us as a self-employed midwife. You pay into this scheme, find your own clients and pay per client for insurance/support/governance etc. You are still “employed” from a governance perspective and still follow our policies, but from a HMRC point of view – you pay your own tax.

In some circumstances, we will support bank midwives with a salary for the first 6 months whilst you grow your caseload.


You are expected to be on call for your clients from 36+5 to 43+ weeks if needed. That’s 24/7 availability. You will need to consider this when planning annual leave. If you have caring responsibilities, this may not work for you. Typically, midwives are on call for 2 clients per month. Some midwives take more clients with a back-up midwife available.

If you are not on call, and you are employed on a bank basis, you are free to work elsewhere. Many of our midwives do shifts for the NHS when they are not busy with us.

How Far Do I Travel?

This is up to you. If you only want to travel short distances, your caseload will be smaller. Most midwives (and those who are salaried) travel an hour and up to 90 minutes for first time mums.

Can I Just Do Antenatal And Postnatal Care?

No. We don’t have a demand for this. Also, many clients who book Antenatal go on to add birth to their package.

Can I Still Work In The NHS?

If you are bank or self employed, you are free to work where-ever you wish when you are not caring for your clients. It is not normally practical to grow a case-load who you are on call for, when you also have a permanent position in the NHS. For this reason, most of our midwives leave their NHS post and join their bank – doing NHS shifts when they are not busy with private work.

Salaried midwives are employed on a full time basis and are expected to be fully available to the organisation unless by prior arrangement.

Can I Work Within A Team?

We don’t believe team midwifery offers the benefits of continuity. However, we also appreciate there needs to be a balance with your personal life. We are happy for midwives to work in pairs as long as one is lead for each client. If you work as a pair and maintain a part time NHS job, you must between you ensure you are available 24/7.


We have a comprehensive training programme with typically 6 optional sessions per month on a variety of topics. Currently most is virtual. We also run face to face, home based skills drills sessions. There are a choice of dates and venues available. This is a fabulous opportunity to meet with other midwives in your local area.


If you are an inexperienced midwife with less than 2yrs recent intrapartum experience, we need to consider how we can best support you. If we have midwives in your area who you can buddy with, we may be able to make it work. In these circumstances we do offer preceptorship programmes.


We have a clinical manager on call 24/7. You can buddy with another midwife to attend births if you wish. We have a very positive and supportive culture. Our staff survey feedback is excellent. Policies are inclusive and written by the midwives. We have an active private facebook group where midwives access training, advice etc. We also have a WhatsApp group for peer support and advice. We have PMA’s available and a range of employee support programmes.

  1. As a first step, please email your CV to info@privatemidwives.com or use the "How To Apply" tab above or the form below - We will then review it.


  1. Assuming your CV is OK, one of our admin team will call you to go through some basic information with you.


  1. After this, we will arrange a telephone or zoom interview with you. Make a list of any questions you have before this, so we can go through them with you.


  1. At the same time we will send for references and undertake DBS check.


  1. We will progress things as quickly as we can our end. Delays are usually due to your referees not responding or the DBS process being back logged. Please feel free to keep in touch for updates on the progress of your application.

If you are interested in working with us, please submit your details along with a CV by using the form below. Please complete all fields. CV's can be sent in the following formats: pdf, doc, docx, ppt & pptx - max size is 2MB.





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