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Meet the Team

We are a well established company providing private midwifery services in the UK, Ireland and channel islands. Our service is led by professionals who understand you and your needs. 

  • Aleanbh Cox

    Midwife - Ireland

  • Ali Monaghan

    Midwife - London

  • Amie Elliott

    Midwife - Yorkshire & Humber

  • Andrea Simpson

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

  • Angela Cotter

    Midwife - Ireland

  • Angie Bowles

    Midwives - South East

  • Anika Riesen

    Midwife - South West

  • Ann Bargh

    Midwife - Ireland

  • Anna Branch

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

  • Anna Wilson

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

  • Anouk Lloyd

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

  • Aoife Hughes

    Midwife - Ireland

  • Becky Elliot

    Midwife - London

  • Carol Johnson

    Midwife - South East

  • Charlotte Lowden

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

  • Cristina Ricci

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - North West

  • Dani Grange

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

  • Dani Quinn Hall

    Office Administrator

  • Danielle Heselton

    Midwife - North East

  • Danielle Watson

    Midwife Support Worker

  • Darry Reed

    Midwife - Ireland

  • Debra Hope

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - North East

  • Deidre O’Leary

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Ireland

  • Ed Sparkes


  • Eirene Emery

    Midwife - Midlands

  • Eleanor May Johnson

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

  • Emily Clark

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - London

  • Emily Moffatt

    Midwife - Ireland

  • Emma Lawless

    Midwife - London

  • Fiona-Rose Brotherton

    Midwife - London

  • Flo Crawley

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

  • Galadriel Botterill

    Midwife - South East

  • Hannah Ketcher

    Midwife - Midlands & Northwest

  • Hannah Shukla

    Midwife - London

  • Hayley Parkhill

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands/Yorkshire

  • Heather Berry

    Midwife South East & Tongue Tie Practitioner

  • Jade Kirkpatrick

    Office Administrator

  • Jane Hawksley

    Midwife - South West

  • Jane Matthews

    Midwife - North East

  • Jayne Cozens

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

  • Jean Walker

    Midwife - Midlands

  • Jessica White

    Midwife - South East

  • Jill Hutchings

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

  • Jo Sirett

    Client Liaison

  • Joanna Ahmed

    Southern Coordinator

  • Joanna Dennison-Bird

    Midwife - South East

  • Joanna Ward

    Midwife - London

  • Jonelle Mannion

    Midwife Support Worker

  • Julia Duthie

    Midwives - South West

  • Julia Kuta

    Midwife - Midlands

  • Julia Melinek

    Midwife - London

  • Kate Flack

    Midwife - South East

  • Katherine Hales

    Midwife - North East

  • Katie Han-de-Beaux

    Midwife - South East

  • Katrina Cotterrall

    Midwife - South Wales

  • Kay Hardie

    Midwife - South East

  • Kelly Jenkins

    Office Administrator

  • Kerry Baker

    Midwife - South East

  • Kerry Cunniffe

    Midwife - North West

  • Leonie & Tess

    Midwives - London

  • Linda Bryceland

    Director of Nursing and Midwifery

  • Liz Halliday

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Ireland

  • Liz Nightingale

    Midwifery Support Worker

  • Luisa Lyons

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

  • Marguerite Williams

    Midwife - London

  • Mark Riley Pitt

    Director Risk Management & Safety

  • Meg Miskin

    Midwife - South East

  • Meghan Steed

    Midwife - Midlands

  • Milly Morris

    Midwife - Midlands

  • Nasheana Owusu

    Midwife - South East

  • Natalie Martin

    Midwife - South West

  • Naz Javed-Mustafa

    Midwife Support Worker

  • Nina Van Schaick

    Midwife - South East

  • Pat Barlow

    Director of Business & Operations

  • Rachel Ollier

    Midwife - North West

  • Rebecca Flood

    Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

  • Sally Goodwin

    Matron - North & Midlands

  • Sam Welford

    Midwife - North East

  • Sarah Ifill

    Midwife - South East

  • Sarah March

    Midwife - London

  • Sharon Gamon

    Matron - South East & West

  • Tina Perridge

    Midwife - London

  • Victoria Lada

    Midwife - South West

  • Zena Hepburn

    Midwife - South East

Midwife - Ireland

Aleanbh Cox

NMBI: 125532

Aleanbh Cox is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a registered midwife in Ireland. She trained in Trinity College and The Coombe Women’s and Infants University Hospital Dublin and graduated in 2011. She continued to work in the Coombe after graduation until early 2019.

Since late 2014, she has offered private Hypnobirthing classes to couples in order to prepare them for the birth of their baby. In 2018, she had the opportunity to use everything that she had been teaching in Hypnobirthing classes herself in the birth of her second daughter. And what an amazing experience that was!

Most recently, she completed a Spinning BabiesParent Educator training in Holland, an Antenatal Yoga training in Dublin and a baby massage course.

She is also a volunteer for AIMS Ireland and provides confidential support to women. She does this by reviewing individual women’s case notes and by providing feedback and information to allow women to gain a better understanding of their birth story. Sometimes women have precise questions about why a certain procedure was done or sometimes a review of the case notes helps to ‘fill in the gaps’.

She has joined Private Midwives Ireland in the Dublin area so that she can offer her fellow colleagues and the women they care for additional support during labour and birth of baby.

Midwife - London

Ali Monaghan

NMC: 20B1668E

Hi my name is Ali! I first trained as a midwife in the U.S., where I helped welcome over 400 babies into the world, and have more recently re-qualified as a midwife here in the U.K. My passion is homebirth and supporting women’s choices through informed consent and shared decision-making. My own (initially challenging) breastfeeding experience made me even more passionate about postnatal and breastfeeding support, and in 2013 I also qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I live in London with my husband and two rambunctious sons, and enjoy playing traditional Irish fiddle in my free time. I am dedicated to empowering women/ birthing people and nurturing them through their childbearing year.

Midwife - Yorkshire & Humber

Amie Elliott

NMBI: 15F1263E

Hello! My name is Amie and I qualified as a midwife in 2019. I now live in Derbyshire with my partner Mark and my beautiful dog Teddy.
I have worked in a variety of maternity settings from the busy obstertic-led labour suite and theatre, midwife-led birth centres and home births.
I am passionate about individualised care and continuity with families throughout the whole pregnancy. I believe your relationship with your midwife should be trusting and special and it’s an honour to be able to go through this exciting, powerful and special time of your life with you. I trained as a Professional Midwifery Advocate because I have a passion to support women who have suffered previous birth related trauma and to provide support to my fellow midwives. I’m currently studying for a Masters in Midwifery.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

Andrea Simpson

NMC: 80J2500E

Hello , my name is Andrea . I have been a midwife since 1994 and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2009 .
I have 5 gorgeous grown up children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. Nowadays, I concentrate on supporting parents with feeding and am a Tongue Tie Practitioner .

To book tongue-tie appointments in Hampshire area with Andrea:
Email: andreasimpson@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07723 880329
Cost: £80-180 assessment or assessment & division

Midwife - Ireland

Angela Cotter

NMBI: 163842

Hi I m Angela and I live in the Midlands in Ireland. I am passionate about empowering the women and families I care for to make informed decisions to have a positive birth experience. I have a special interest in sexual health and trauma.

Midwives - South East

Angie Bowles

NMC: 80H07013E

I love being a midwife! I feel very lucky to be invited into people’s lives at such an important time. I aim to provide holistic midwifery care, respecting difference and diversity. I worked in the NHS for many years, including holding specialist midwifery posts in screening and fetal medicine, bereavement care and gestational diabetes. I now work privately to offer real continuity of care in both straightforward and complex pregnancies. I have a special interest in supporting parents in pregnancy after loss and can provide specialist care if there is concern for a baby’s growth or development during the pregnancy. According to the situation I support both home and hospital birth – my main priority is the safety of you and your baby. Two of my three children were born at home and I love facilitating peaceful homebirths. I mainly work in Surrey and Sussex, with a mixture of “normal” and complex pregnancies.

Midwife - South West

Anika Riesen

NMC: 20C1917E

I’m Anika!
I’m a registered midwife. I’m originally from the U.S., but I trained and qualified as a midwife in the U.K. from the University of Brighton.
I’m passionate about continuity of care and building relationships with families. I also have a love of homebirths and waterbirths, but I support all birth choices and I have experience working in all areas of maternity.
I have done additional training in ‘biomechanics’ to help you get your baby into an optimal position in pregnancy and labour and to promote an active birthing experience. I am also a hypnobirthing teacher.
Your journey to parenthood is not only about the birth; it’s about your story. How you prepare will impact your birth experience and life as a parent.
My goal is to help you have a safe, healthy, and satisfying pregnancy and birth as you define it.
I want you to feel empowered, supported, and connected as a family. I will always give you up to date evidence and advice throughout your care to help you make informed decisions and remain in control of your experience and health.
My midwifery practice is based on honouring and valuing each person’s ability to make decisions suitable to their unique situation and needs. I believe you know what is best for yourself and your baby. The support I provide will always be non-judgmental, compassionate, and focused solely on nurturing your health and needs.
I support pregnant people of all backgrounds and strive to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. I have experience working with families from many different cultures and LGBT families.
When I’m not working, I enjoy walking by the seaside, learning languages (I’m fluent in Spanish, Hola!), and spending time with my partner and 2 cats

Midwife - Ireland

Ann Bargh

NMBI: 163842

Hi, my name is Ann, I am a mother of 4 handsome sons who all live in the UK. I have been part of the Private Midwives Ireland team since 2019. I live in Galway, providing care to women across the West of Ireland. I adore what I do. Some call it my job, I call it my pleasure. I am passionate about caring for women on their journey throughout their pregnancy and birth. I believe everyone should be given a choice of how and where to birth and will do all I can to fulfil their wishes. I am experienced in home births, water births, VBAC, hospital support and those with previous birth trauma.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

Anna Branch

NMC: 14l1564e

I have been a midwife now for 8 years, with varied experience across maternity services however, I have always been passionate about providing evidence based infant feeding support. This then led me to train as a Tongue Tie practitioner further supporting women and families feeding journey.

In my own time I enjoy watching my family thrive (2 teenagers) and a 24 year old through their life experiences. Keeping active with weekly walks with my husband with a bit of shopping along the way 🙂

To book tongue-tie appointments in Redditch, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and surrounding area with Anna:
Email: annab@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07846 115466
Cost: £200 + travel (call for details)

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

Anna Wilson

NMC: 05F1937E

I’m Anna. A wife, mummy to 2 daughters, a nurse, midwife, IBCLC and tongue tie practitioner all in one! I am born and bred in Gloucestershire but willing to travel to other counties.

I am a school parent governor, enjoy spending time with my godson and going on a spa day when I get some free time.

I consider myself to be a calm, approachable and passionate person who enjoys multidisciplinary working and supporting families.

To book tongue-tie appointments in Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, North Cotswolds and surrounding areas with Anna:
Email: annaw@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07974 137022
Cost: £200 + travel (call for details)

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

Anouk Lloyd

NMC: 00J2370E

I have been a Midwife for over 20 years,
A Tongue Tie Practitioner since 2014 and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2017. I work in an NHS capacity as a Specialist Infant Feeding/Lead Midwife & Tongue Tie practitioner/trainer.

I am delighted to join Private Midwives to provide frenulotomy (tongue tie) assessment and division, comprehensive breastfeeding/lactation support plus antenatal/postnatal care.

I have a special interest in antenatal and postnatal care, antenatal education, breastfeeding, tongue tie and the fourth trimester. Supporting new mothers and families continues to be both my passion and privilege.

I live in Brighton with my husband, teenagers and mini daschund. In my spare time I’m up at my allotment or practicing paining.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Anouk in Sussex for home visits or in a clinic in Brighton:
Email: anouk@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07904 208393
Cost: £100-240 assessment or assessment & division

Midwife - Ireland

Aoife Hughes

NMBI: 130540

I am Aoife Hughes. I live in the South East of Ireland. I trained and worked in the UK and am passionate about Physiological birth and women’s choice.

Midwife - London

Becky Elliot

NMC: 01I6752E


Midwife - South East

Carol Johnson

NMC: 79E1992E

I am an experienced midwife, working with Private midwives.
My passions are homebirth and continuity of care.
I am NIPE qualified and have trained as a PMA.
I live in Flitwick with my husband and 3 adult children.
I enjoy baking, singing, badminton, swimming and camping.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

Charlotte Lowden

NMC: 07E2165E

Hi, I am Charlotte and I am based in Essex. I am a Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Tongue Tie Practitioner. I qualified as a Midwife in 2007 and I worked in all areas of Midwifery. Following the birth of my second child in 2015, I have specialised in Infant Feeding. During my time breastfeeding, I was lucky enough to have amazing, consistent, support and advice which helped me overcome challenges and have a positive experience. I believe all women should have access to timely, knowledgeable support and I love working with families to help them meet their goals.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Charlotte in Mid, West and North Essex, East Hertfordshire or a Clinic in CO61HS Colchester:
Email: charlotte@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07743 002150
Cost: £120-200 assessment or assessment & division

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - North West

Cristina Ricci

NMC: 14L0636C

Hello, you can call me Cristina. I am a midwife, Hypnobirthing & Tongue tie practitioner based in Manchester.

I qualified in midwifery in 2013 in Italy and then moved to the UK in 2015 to be able to provide personalised care to families embarking on the pregnancy and parenthood journey.

Before joining Private Midwives, I worked in the NHS for almost 8 years, supporting births at home, birth centre and in the labour ward. I have also worked as an Infant Feeding Midwife, developing and consolidating knowledge in infant feeding, both breast and bottle.

I am particularly passionate about home birth, though I support normalising childbirth in the labour ward as well. A calm and nurturing environment is beneficial to every birth.

Pregnancy and birth are milestone events in your life, with the potential to affect yourself and your family relationships for decades to come. I believe that everyone can have an empowering pregnancy and birth, where you are the decision-maker of your care. I firmly believe in personal choice in childbirth. I aim to build a relationship of trust to get to know what is important to you.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Cristina in Cheshire, North Wales, Manchester, Liverpool, Derby, Crewe, Leeds and Sheffield:
Email: info@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 0800 380 0579
Cost: £200-250

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

Dani Grange

NMC: 15G0022E

Hi, my name is Dani and I am a midwife and tongue-tie practitioner who is also trained in Hypnobirthing. I am passionate about providing individualised, warm and empathetic care for you and your family in your transition to motherhood. I believe that having a genuine, personal and holistic relationship between woman and midwife can be empowering and liberating for a family as they welcome their new little person to the world.

I truly believe that all women should have access to this trusting relationship with their midwife, in the comfort of their own home. Within this, there is space and time to explore your emotional and psychological wellbeing, as well as the health of you and your baby. This relationship makes intimate discussions less daunting and allows for truly informed and unbiased discussions about your care, with you in control of every decision along the way, whatever your circumstances.

As well as midwifery support, I also offer assessment and release of tongue-ties for babies aged up to 1 year, including feeding support in the comfort of your own home.

I also offer nurturing techniques that are supportive of the physical, mental and emotional elements of transitioning through pregnancy, after birth and on your feeding journey. These include:

  • Rebozo and biomechanics techniques – for easing pregnancy discomforts and promoting relaxation and optimal fetal positioning
  • Rewind Process – a three-step technique for reprocessing of traumatic memories or phobias, can be related to birth and breastfeeding or related to other life difficulties
  • Closing the Bones Ceremonies – supports physical recovery after birth and creates stillness for deep reflection and processing, and to honour all that your mind, body and soul have been through

My passionate belief in the power of women and birth inspires me to share the secret truth about childbirth and tackle the misconceptions that society tells us about our bodies. From this, I have never felt more fulfilled or found such beauty and meaning in this humbling role in such an intimate time in life. I would be honoured to share my knowledge and experience with you.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Dani in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Matlock, Derbyshire East & West Midlands, South & West Yorkshire, Manchester and Chester:
Email: danig@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07528 744222
Cost: £220 + travel over 20 miles

Office Administrator

Dani Quinn Hall

Hi, I’m Dani, I have been part of the team in Head Office for several years and I love listening to all your birth stories. I am happy to help if you have any queries about our packages or if you would like to speak to a midwife in your area.

Midwife - North East

Danielle Heselton

NMC: 12J3193E

Hello my name is Danielle, I live on the coast of North Yorkshire with my family And 2 dogs. I have been a midwife for 5 years having worked on a very busy obstetrics unit and low dependency unit. My real passion is to provide continuity to the women in my care. Following them through pregnancy, birth and into the early postnatal period. Ensuring care is compassionate, contemporary and evidence based.

Midwife Support Worker

Danielle Watson

Hi I am Danni, I am a Maternity Support Worker. I live in the Bedfordshire area with my husband and children.
I really enjoy supporting women, their families and the midwives when delivering maternity care. I feel passionately that women should receive the very best care when going through such a life changing time. I look forward to meeting you and your family during this precious time.

Midwife - Ireland

Darry Reed

NMBI: 137757

Hi, I’m Darry, I care for families chosing homebirth across Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare. Having had homebirths myself, I am passionate about supporting and empowering other women to birth at home.

I trained in the Coombe Hospital and Trinity College Dublin, and qualified in 2016. I worked in the Coombe Hospital for 6 years before leaving to work as a homebirth provider full time.

I am especially interested in supporting women through their spiritual and emotional journey into motherhood.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - North East

Debra Hope

NMC: 06G0890E

I am a Midwife and tongue tie practitioner based in North Yorkshire, UK. I have 17 years of midwifery experience and love to support women and families throughout pregnancy, birth and afterwards at home and in the hospital environment. I particularly like waterbirth where I feel women can move about to facilitate optimal feral positions. I aim to create a peaceful and calm environment for a gentle birth. I have specialist infant feeding experience and knowledge to help with feeding problems and can provide tongue tie support and division. I like to help parents to develop responsive parenting techniques to enable them to form strong bonds with their little human being.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Debra in Teeside & Yorkshire:
Email: debra@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07715 973339
Cost: £175 + travel

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Ireland

Deidre O’Leary


Co Cork

To book tongue-tie appointments with Deidre in Cork:
Email: debra@privatemidwives.com
Cost: €300


Ed Sparkes

I am Ed and I am CEO here at Private Midwives. I started my career as a medical student but then went in to finance. My role is to ensure all of the legal and regulatory elements are in place so that our clients and colleagues have assurance that we are a reputable, safe company. I also have over all responsibility for insurance and finance functions.

Midwife - Midlands

Eirene Emery

NMC: 15F1188E

Hello, my name is Eirene and I live in Northampton with my husband, 3 teenagers, 3 cats and 2 dogs…. its a busy house!!!
I’m based in Northamptonshire and also cover the surrounding areas. I have been a home birth midwife for the past 4 years and I have welcomed 107 babies into the world at home. It is my absolute pleasure, passion and privilege to support families with their pregnancy, birth and early days with a new baby.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

Eleanor May Johnson

NMC: 00B1627E

Based in Southampton, Hampshire. I qualified in 2003 and I am currently providing antenatal and postnatal care for women. I am also a tongue tie practitioner, running a regular session in Oxfordshire.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Eleanor for home visits in Southampton, Winchester, Romsey , New Forest or Clinic visit in Wantage, Oxfordshire:
Email: eleanor@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07900 951571
Cost: £180-220

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - London

Emily Clark

NMC: 11C0786E

Hi, I’m a Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner based in the south of England

To book tongue-tie appointments with Emily in West London, Berkshire, Surrey & Buckinghamshire:
Email: emily@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07946 576439
Cost: £110-180 assessment or assessment & division

Midwife - Ireland

Emily Moffatt

NMBI: 142061

Hi I’m Emily, I am a midwife working to support families in Wexford, Wicklow and South Dublin.
I am passionate about providing evidence based care, supporting informed choice and physiological birth. The care I offer is holistic and focuses both on clinical midwifery skills and the more spiritual or relational aspects of pregnancy and birth.

Midwife - London

Emma Lawless

NMC: 13I7626E

Hi, my name is Emma

I qualified as a Midwife in 2014 and have worked in a variety of NHS settings including Whipps Cross and Princess Alexandra Hospital. I am confident in working in all areas of Midwifery whether that be the high-risk obstetric unit or midwifery led settings. I have also supported women with complex mental health and social needs in my former role.

I have a genuine passion for Home birth and have supported women to birth outside of the guidelines. I have lots of experience facilitating Home birth after Caesarean Section. I have supported women to overcome a variety of complex infant feeding challenges including mothers of twins and babies with additional needs.

My proudest moment to date is winning the excellence in care and professionalism award and was the runner up in the Midwife of the year award 2022 for the South of England NHS division.

I love to spend my free time in my Garden, watching golf or crafting. I have 4 children of my own and a beautiful Granddaughter.

I Enjoy working with new families and I currently cover Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, and London.

If you would like to discuss booking care with myself, please contact the office and book an initial consultation with me.

Midwife - London

Fiona-Rose Brotherton

NMC: 20C2401E

Hi I’m Fiona, your friendly midwife in south east London, I have a keen passion for antenatal education and ensuring you have all the information needed to feel in control of your experience- They say knowledge is power and you are powerful!. I am also trained in Newborn and Infant Physical Examination and have a love for feeding support. I’ve worked in the NHS as a midwife and also have experience in fertility. I’m looking forward to meeting you and following you on your journey through pregnancy and beyond!

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

Flo Crawley

NMC: 11D0750E

Flo is an experienced midwife, a lactation consultant (IBCLC) and tongue-tie practitioner, based in Norfolk. She is passionate about true midwifery – being ‘with women’ and families through their pregnancy, births, and postnatal journeys. Her special interests have always been in supporting women to feel empowered and in control along their journeys, foster a trusting relationship, to respect informed choices and human rights in childbirth, to protect dignity, and promote physiology.

Flo knows first-hand the power of a meaningful relationship with an experienced midwife to positively affect pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding. With over 10 years’ experience, she is confident and comfortable supporting home births, pool births, and births in hospital settings. With her lactation consultant knowledge, she is also adept in supporting you with breastfeeding.

Flo trained in Brighton, organises nurturing events for midwives, loves sea-swimming, and is a mother of two herself. She has settled with her family in North Norfolk, where she grew up. Being a midwife remains one of Flo’s greatest joys in life.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Flo in all of Norfolk, South Lincolnshire and North Suffolk:
Email: Flo@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07748 186472
Cost: £220 + travel

Midwife - South East

Galadriel Botterill

NMC: 01I774E

It’s my pleasure to introduce my self, I have been a midwife since 2001. Following my training I went to work in New Zealand and found a model of care I felt in balance and connection with “The Midwife Mother Relationship” built on trust, respect, information sharing, continuity and on going relationship.

I have worked in a number of maternity settings over the years and now find myself in a place where I belong in partnership working closely with women and their families. I have skills in Aromatherapy and Optimal Birth Positioning.

Have been blessed with two fabulous daughters and two grandchildren. I practice Yoga and Buddhism. Based in Kent and happy to travel, travelling is a passion so happy venture further.

Midwife - Midlands & Northwest

Hannah Ketcher

NMC: 11D0959E

I qualified in 2011 at Sheffield Hallam university. Since then I have worked in the hospital, community & in a continuity team, as well as lecturing at the university I attended for a couple of years. I also practiced in New Zealand for a short time, where I saw the true continuity model working really well for women & midwives alike.
I am passionate about physiological birth (especially at home), holistic care & empowering women to make informed choices that are right for them.
At home I have a wonderful supportive husband that lets me wax lyrical about all things maternity, my own beautiful homebirth baby & an affectionate 3 year old leonberger.
I look forward to having the privilege of walking through this precious time with you & your family.

Midwife - London

Hannah Shukla

NMC: 18G3648E

Hi! I’m based in North-East London, covering London, Essex and Hertfordshire. I am a huge advocate for homebirths and I’m very confident and experienced in this setting. I am able to support your birth in whatever setting you feel most safe and comfortable: at home, in hospital or in a birth centre.

My aim as a midwife is to support you to have informed choice, and to feel in control and empowered to make decisions throughout your pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey. My passion lies in caring for women in their own homes, involving the family and spending time getting to know you and what’s important to you over cups of tea and cake. (I’ll bake the cake, you bake the bun!)

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands/Yorkshire

Hayley Parkhill

NMC: 13I7944E

I am a registered midwife & tongue tie practitioner in the East Midlands. I cover the areas of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Leicester and Derbyshire and I am willing to travel approximately 1 hour drive.

I trained and qualified as a midwife in London in 2013 and have just recently moved to Nottinghamshire with my husband and 3 children. To say that I am passionate in providing one to one midwifery care is an understatement. I believe in empowering women to make the choices that are right for them. It is a privilege to see such positive outcomes both physically and mentally whilst providing holistic and case loading care to women and their families

I have experience in home births, water births, physiological 3rd stage, mental health and VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean).

To book tongue-tie appointments with Hayley for home visits in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire or Clinics in Lincoln & Derby:
Email: hayley@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07825 517714
Cost: £230 no mileage added

Midwife South East & Tongue Tie Practitioner

Heather Berry

NMC: 75A0201E

West Sussex

To book tongue-tie appointments with Heather in East/West Sussex, Sussex, West Kent East Hampshire:
Email: heather@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07775 743918
Cost: £250 (£125 at first visit) travel included

Office Administrator

Jade Kirkpatrick

Office Administrator

I’m Jade. I work in Head Office. Previously, I worked in a GP practice. It is lovely to be able to help pregnant ladies and their families and match you to your Midwife. I am a mum to a lovely little boy.

If you have any questions about our packages, I am happy to help.

Midwife - South West

Jane Hawksley

NMC: 80D0973E

Isle of White

Midwife - North East

Jane Matthews

NMC: 88J0740E

I qualified as a midwife in 2004, and as a registered nurse in 1991. I have been a hospital midwife for the last 19 years, working across all area of the maternity service. I started my career at the wonderful Friarage Hospital in Northallerton where I spent 10 years working on delivery suite. I moved to James Cook University Hospital in 2014 and gained valuable experience in a busy obstetric unit. I am currently working flexibly at Scarbrough Hospital on their bank.

​I am very experienced in antenatal triage, maternity advice & improved wellbeing and childbirth within both high and low risk settings. My last post within the NHS was Clinical Matron of a busy Obstetric led unit. I am passionate about promoting physiological birth within all environments, supporting choice and about providing excellent, personalised Continuity of Care throughout pregnancy. I am also qualified to perform Newborn and Infant Physical examination (NIPE).

I feel immensely proud to have worked in the NHS since starting my nurse training in 1988 and now welcome the opportunity to provide holistic family centred midwifery care in a private capacity.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Midlands

Jayne Cozens

NMC: 80I3873E

I am experienced Midwife, living in South Lincolnshire, with a specialist interest in infant feeding.

I am also a qualified Tongue-tie Practitioner, Lactation Consultant, Craniosacral Therapist, Holistic Therapist including reflexology and aromatherapy. I am also able to perform the NIPE and offer antenatal infant feeding classes if required.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Jayne in South Lincolnshire, West Norfolk and North Cambridgeshire:
Email: jayne@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07766 666023
Cost: £210 + travel up to 45 miles 2-3 hour sessions with assessment, division and BF support and cranial if required.

Midwife - Midlands

Jean Walker

Hi, I’m Jean, I’m a midwife based in Leicester.

Midwife - South East

Jessica White

NMC: 15K2216E

Hello, my name is Jessy I am mum of 2 and I live in south Cambridge.

I qualified as a Midwife in 2016, In the past 5 years I have been a senior Midwife in a Birth Centre. I believe it doesn’t matter where you are planning to give birth your choice’s and rights should remain the same. | have experience in vaginal births after Caesarean sections, breech delivery’s and water births as well as 100’s of vaginal births and abdomen birth. I have a particular interest in Homebirth and have advanced training in obstetric emergencies with the Resus Council.

I have a Diploma in both Hypnobirthing and complementary therapies (Aromatherapy, reflex zone therapy, acupressure, massage) these are often skills I use to support the birthing person to have the experience they want

In the time I have spent in high-risk areas I became passionate about protecting my ladies wishes for their birth in a calm environment even if things don’t go to plan. My goal is for you to feel supported and with no judgement in a safe and evidence-based birth where you feel in control.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

Jill Hutchings

I have been a midwife for over 20 years and feel very proud and blessed to be part of women’s lives. I am Passionate about woman centred care and informed choice. Pregnancy and birth are an extraordinary journey which I have been privileged to share with women and their families.

I am passionate about breastfeeding and providing support postnatally. I am a tongue tie practitioner and NIPE midwife.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Jill in Southampton, Portsmouth, Southsea, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Horndean, Clanfield, Fareham, West Sussex and the M3 corridor:
Email: jill@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07809 744942
Cost: £180-220

Client Liaison

Jo Sirett

I am Jo. I am an experienced Midwifery Support Worker and am passionate about breast feeding. I am normally the main person you will speak to in our Head Office. I am here to help with all your needs from putting a package of care together, finding the right midwife for you, ordering your birth pool, arranging your scans, whatever you need just ask me.

Southern Coordinator

Joanna Ahmed

NMC: 17G2213E

Hello my name is Joanna. My interest in Midwifery began following the birth of my first son.
I subsequently began my Midwifery training when my second son was just 8 months old. I was inspired by my mentor to follow my passion of caseloading midwifery upon my qualification. I have worked in both high and low risk settings. Research has clearly demonstrated that building a relationship with your Midwife has a positive effect on pregnancy and birth. It is for this reason I have been a caseloading midwife since qualifying. I am a passionate advocate for the women in my care, and support them to make individualised choices for themselves and their families

I worked as a breastfeeding peer supporter during University, and have worked closely with women to overcome a variety of Breastfeeding challenges including babies born with Downs Syndrome.

I specialise in Homebirth and have undertaken Aromatherapy training. I am equally happy to support mothers to give birth in hospital and have a keen interest in supporting women with risk factors to have the birth they desire.

Midwife - South East

Joanna Dennison-Bird

NMC: 00a0025e

My name is Joanna and I am a bank midwife for Private Midwives based in Newmarket. I am passionate about home, water birth, but I am just as happy assisting women in the hospital setting, or midwife led unit. I absolutely thrive in supporting women into motherhood with natural child birthing techniques, and giving them the opportunity to make proper informed choices about their care. It is so important to me that you are able to take an active role in your pregnancy and birth.

I can offer you one to one care, flexibility and control. Your birth should be special and you should be treated as an individual, with care and respect – Always! As such, I facilitate your care around your own personal needs. I feel that you should be encouraged to listen to your own body and utilise your own instincts during child birth, so that with my care and guidance, you are able to achieve a positive, rewarding and safe child birth experience.

Midwife - London

Joanna Ward

NMC: 96J0013S

South West London

Midwife Support Worker

Jonelle Mannion

Midwife Support Worker

I am a doula, midwifery assistant, writer, and a graduate of the Indie Birth Midwifery School. I am passionate about body sovereignty & physiological birth, and I love holding space for women to navigate the transformative portal of the birthing year.

Midwives - South West

Julia Duthie

NMC: 75U2113E

I live on Dartmoor, which I love. I cover Devon and parts of Somerset and Cornwall. I have lots of experience of prolonged pregnancies. I have trained in nutrition, kinesiology, somatic experiencing, family constellations, and prenatal and birth therapy, so I’m very happy to support you in your psychological as well as nutritional birth preparation.

Midwife - Midlands

Julia Kuta

NMC: 15i0131C

My name is Julia Kuta. I come from Poland and I am happy mummy for my 2 lovely boys. I love working in partnership with women and their families in Worcestershire area. My role is to support women during pregnancy , childbirth and the postpartum period. I am providing information about how to maintain healthy pregnancies and carrying out clinical examinations.

Midwife - London

Julia Melinek

NMC: 22I1271E

Hello! I’m Julia. I am honoured to be able to share this journey with you and will never forget what a privilege it is to be part of your incredible birth story. I am committed to enable all of my clients to experience the most beautiful pregnancy and birth, however this looks for you. There is no better way to offer this than through continuity of care. I have experience in both high and low risk pregnancy and have a particular interest in water birth and overcoming trauma.

I worked as a doula, NLP coach and hypnobirthing practitioner before training as a midwife at King’s College London and Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital. My passion for home birth and facilitating optimum birth environment for women inspired me to create the short film, ‘Push’ which highlights the similarities between making a baby and birthing a baby. The film won many international awards including The New York Cinematography Award, The London Short Film Festival and The Women’s International Film Festival and is now being used in midwifery and doula courses around the globe.

I was awarded King’s College London ‘Birthing With Colour Nursing and Midwifery Award 2022’ and was featured in the 2022 Woman and Home ‘Baby Love – Incredible Women’ feature. Prior to my midwifery journey, I worked internationally as an opera singer. I sang my way through the birth of my own three children and achieved fame as the noisiest labourer in the history of the hospital!

Midwife - South East

Kate flack

NMC: 94J0119E

Hi I’m Kate. I’ve been a nurse/midwife for 25yrs in the NHS and have worked in 4 different trusts as a midwife. I am very experienced in all aspects of maternity care having worked on a high-risk level 3 unit and also an amazing midwife led birth centre. My passion is personalising care, being an advocate for the birthing clients and aiming to achieve the best experience possible. However, I am also realistic, and realise that you can’t actually plan for a birth as the babies have their own agenda!! Therefore I am very thorough in my antenatal education and birth planning to provide both an ‘ideal’ and several ‘what if’ scenarios to fully prepare you for your birth experience. Whatever happens, my aim is for my clients to feel informed and supported whatever their choices or outcomes as my ultimate birth plan is to create a happy and healthy family.

Midwife - North East

Katherine Hales

NMC: 90I0341E

North East

Midwife - South East

Katie Han-de-Beaux

NMC: 18G3481E

I’m a mother of 3 amazing and lovely children, all at different stages in life youngest being 2, eldest being 18! I definitely worry more about the 18 year old than I have any other age!

I qualified as a midwife in 2018 after studying at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford. I was also lucky enough to gain my hypnobirthing practitioner qualification whilst studying as a student midwife.

It is my passion to give continuity of care and help women and families make informed choices based on their own individual circumstances.

I have been teaching hypnobirthing and antenatal education classes privately also. To be able to give the extra support and information to expecting parents is a privilege.

Midwife - South Wales

Katrina Cotterrall

NMC: 10I0054W

I’m Kat a Midwife and owner of Pathway to Parenthood, A Maternity Wellness Hub based in South Wales. My passion is Antenatal education, continuity of care and homebirth. Having worked for the NHS for 12 years in various settings, I am now so excited to be able to offer bespoke individualised Midwifery care to families across Wales and surrounding borders.

Midwife - South East

Kay Hardie

NMC: 79Y0723E

I’ve been an independent midwife since 2000; working like this feels the right way for me to be the best midwife I can possibly be. Having a baby is all about relationships; working closely with a woman and her family gives us all the opportunity to build close mutually trusting relationships leading to an empowering birth and safer outcomes. I believe that by sharing up to date, evidence-based information in a flexible and non-judgmental way, means women can make choices that are right for themselves and their babies. I will always support a woman’s birth choices and will always advocate for those choices when needed.

I’m an expert in home birth, water birth, VBAC and have experience with twin and breech birth.

I’m based in Ashford in Kent, I cover all of Kent, parts South East London and Sussex.

Office Administrator

Kelly Jenkins

Office Administrator

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m part of the team here at Head Office. My specialty is Finance so if you have any questions just ask.

Midwife - South East

Kerry Baker

NMC: 14F0688E

Hello, I’m Kerry and I have been a registered midwife since 2014.
Over the years I have worked in all areas of maternity care, however a large section of my career has been specialising in homebirth and waterbirth. I am a hypnobirthing teacher and have trained in antenatal and intrapartum massage techniques.
My passion is for communication and ensuring that you have all the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your care, I want you feel empowered on your journey to parenthood.
On a personal note, I live in Suffolk with my husband and many house plants and love a good cup of tea whilst attempting a crochet creation.

Midwife - North West

Kerry Cunniffe

NMC: 93D0621E

Hello, my name is Kerry and I qualified as a midwife in 1996. I live in South Manchester with my husband Simon, children Ben and Sam and our family dog Luna.

I trained in Staffordshire and since qualifying, I have gained a wealth of experience across all maternity settings including obstetric-led labour wards and maternity theatres, birth centres, maternity antenatal and postnatal wards and community settings. I am a professional midwifery advocate and qualified to perform the examination of the newborn.

I am passionate about individualised family centred care and informed decision making which together I believe is crucial in providing safe care. Building up a trusting relationship with your midwife is so important and it is a privilege to be involved in such a special journey.

Midwives - London

Leonie & Tess

Leonie’s NMC: 15D3844E

Tessa’s NMC: 15D3852E

Tess and Leonie met whilst training at Kings College University. They have a close connection with the South London community which is reflected in their care and network of birth workers they collaborate with. Leonie and Tess take pride in their work and the quality of care they offer and aim to get to know each woman’s individual needs, wants and situation. They use up-to-date evidence-based information to provide bespoke and tailored care to suit each woman’s needs.

Tess says: As a midwife my aims are: To support you to have the birth that is right for you and your baby; to ensure you have all the information you need to make the choices that are right for you in pregnancy, labour & postnatally, & to support your parenting choices post-birth so you start parenthood feeling empowered & confident.

Leonie says: I have never loved my job more than I do now, building deep and caring relationships with all the women and families who entrust me to join them in their journeys. I am confident with supporting birth at home, in a pool; if you want an epidural; are wanting to hypnobirth; or if you are planning an elective caesarean section; as long as you have all the information you need are empowered and are happy with your choices I will be there for you.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Leonie in South London:
Email: leonie@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07866 900659
Cost: £300 (I do not cover areas in the congestion zone)

Director of Nursing and Midwifery

Linda Bryceland

NMC: 85A1617E

Director of Nursing and Midwifery. I am a nurse and a midwife registered in the UK and Ireland. I specialise in perineal trauma. My role at Private Midwives is mainly to help you decide on a package of care to meet your needs. Then, to find the right midwife to care for you. I will then support that midwife, so she can support the families in her care.

I am also responsible for the overall clinical governance arrangements in the organisation. This means I monitor quality of care, clinical outcomes and generally make sure we are the very best we can be. Our organisation is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and I am the Registered Manager with the CQC.

I am also an Honorary Lecturer in Midwifery. However, my passion remains in clinical care. I still attend births and support the midwives who work with us to provide the very best, safe, high quality care to you and your family

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - Ireland

Liz Halliday

Hi, I’m Liz and I live in West Dublin. I specialise in home births and I run the social media accounts for Private Midwives. I am passionate about informed choice and have special interests in Tongue Tie, Birth Trauma, Gestational Diabetes and Group B Strep. I am also a qualified Birth Trauma Resolution practitioner.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Liz in Co. Wexford and surrounding Counties :
Email: liz@privatemidwives.com
Cost: €150-300 assessment or assessment & division

Midwifery Support Worker

Liz Nightingale

I love supporting women and birthing people at every stage of their birth journey, however, and wherever, events take them. I also help and support the midwives caring for them. I retired from clinical midwifery work in 2017, having worked as a midwife, latterly an independent midwife, for almost twenty years. I love to knit, and try to knit a hat for every baby whose family I work with.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South East

Luisa Lyons

NMC: 97I6948E

I am an experienced Midwife, Lactation Consultant and Tongue Tie Practitioner, having performed around 2000 frenulotomies. I have a special interest in infant feeding, restrictive lingual frenulum, (tongue-tie), and postnatal support. I am a qualified pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher and live in Norfolk with my husband, two sons and kitten.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Luisa for home visits within 15 minutes of Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital or the clinic in Norwich NR23PD:
Email: louisa@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07776 237105
Cost: Clinic prices £79-200 assessment or assessment & division – Home visits £89-249 + travel assessment or assessment & division – Follow up £59 + travel

Midwife - London

Marguerite Williams

NMC: 11E1039E

Hello, I’m Marguerite Anne and I’m based in East London. I have been a midwife for over a decade and before that trained and worked as a doula. My expertise and interests are all things maternity care, in particular infant feeding. I am a trained and qualified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I’ve worked in a variety of roles as a midwife both in hospital and in the community and love supporting women to achieve their pregnancy and childbirth goals using evidence-based care and support. I am the mother of two boys, both born at home in the water. I aim to provide continuity of care as the gold standard of care for pregnancy, birth and beyond. I believe that having a baby is more than just the birth outcome, our end goal is to build strong healthy families and every contact counts towards that goal.

Director Risk Management & Safety

Mark Riley Pitt

Mark’s specialist clinical risk management knowledge centres around medical facilities including: Acute Hospitals, Mental Health and Community health including in Primary Care.

Mark has advised various Government bodies such as, Dept of Health and Ministry of Justice, by sitting on specially convened panels and industry sector groups to advise on clinical risk and indemnity, within the UK healthcare environment and similar healthcare economies across Europe.

Mark has worked closely with the healthcare regulators assisting these bodies in reviewing and assessing clinical risk, within all aspects of Healthcare, including public, private, not for profit and charitable sectors.

Mark is a managing director of Price Forbes Healthcare and read Law at University of Cambridge, where he gained an MA.

Midwife - South East

Meg Miskin

NMC: 83K0414E

I have been a midwife in Oxford since 1989, first in the John Radcliffe, then as a community midwife and from 2005 as an Independent Midwife.
My passion has always been to give women continuity of care from booking, through the birth and into family life. This has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey.

Midwife - Midlands

Meghan Steed

NMC: 18A1093E

Hi I’m Meghan and I am a qualified midwife working around Nottingham, Derby and Leicestershire. I am excited to work within a case load capacity providing one to one care for women and their families throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and the postnatal period. To be able to be part of that journey is an honour in itself and being able to give women the care and attention, support and advice they need, is ultimate job satisfaction for me. I live on the Nottingham Derbyshire boarder with my beautiful but crazy family who never fail to make me laugh!

Midwife - Midlands

Milly Morris

NMC: 17I1078E

Hi, I’m Milly, an Independent Midwife based in North Wales. I am passionate about care tailored to you and your families’ needs. My aim as a midwife is to support you to make truly informed decisions about your body, your birth and your baby.
I believe high quality personalised care is safest for everyone and optimises your ability to parent, whether it’s your 1st or 5th baby. Support can be hard to come by in our fast-paced society, particularly in the postnatal period when many families need it most. I am proud and honoured to be able to provide true continuity of carer;- the evidence-based gold-standard of maternity care.
I have a particular interest in Infant Feeding and bonding and am studying towards becoming an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I also love doing the Newborn Physical Examination (NIPE).

Midwife - South East

Nasheana Owusu

NMC: 07H1942E

I qualified as a Midwife in 2008. I love being a midwife and always feel very blessed to be part of families lives at such an important time.

I aim to provide holistic midwifery care, respecting differences and diversity, whilst empowering women to make the choices that are safe and right for them. It is always a privilege to see such positive outcomes both physically and mentally whilst providing holistic and continuity of care to women and their families.

The support and care I provide is always friendly, non-judgmental and always compassionate. I support pregnant women and their families from all backgrounds and endeavour to be as inclusive as possible. My experience over the years has been vast, it has involved working with families from many different cultures, teenage pregnancies, surrogacy and also same sex families.

When I am not working, my priority is spending time with my family. I am a mother of 4 to two grown up adult sons, who now lead their own successful lives, and a son & daughter, both of school age. I live in Essex with my supportive husband and our 2 younger children. We enjoy attending theatre productions and musicals, and are huge Mickey Mouse fans! We like to enjoy days out in the UK and travelling abroad, we very much enjoy seeing the world and how other cultures live. I am willing to travel for women in my care up to 1- 2 hours.

Midwife - South West

Natalie Martin

NMC: 12D1226E

I am Natalie, and I have been a midwife for over 10 years.

I trained at the University of Plymouth and went on to continue my career in the trust and community I had learnt in down in the heart of Cornwall. My acute training was based in the one hospital Cornwall has and during my time there I thoroughly enjoyed antenatal, triaging ladies and being a part of helping woman and their families welcome their new baby, whether that was on a midwifery led unit or labour ward. I stayed in the acute for about 6 years to gain the experience however I knew my heart was to go out to the community setting where I could be with woman, build a rapport with them and their family, support birth choices through evidence based research and be the advocate that was required to support their wishes keeping them and their baby safe.

I love being a midwife, being with woman and their family, and being able to watch and support you grow your precious bundle to come. I have also attended the health visitor institute perinatal mental health training/birth trauma work shop and I have my level 2 in self harm and suicide, so the emotional well-being of patients is really always at the forefront of my mind, this includes antenatal and postnatal period.

Midwife Support Worker

Naz Javed-Mustafa

Midwife Support Worker

Hello i’m Naz. I’m a mother of two boys and a girl. I have been working in maternity since 2007.

What i love about working in maternity is you get to build that special bond with families.

My practice is based on empowering each individual to have the ability to make decisions that is suitable to their own needs. I want them to feel confident, supported and comfortable.

I look forward to meeting you and your family!

Midwife - South East

Nina Van Schaick

NMBI: 12E0035E

I have been a midwife since 2012. My approach combines thorough knowledge, respect for evidence and a nurturing heart. I am a passionate, inclusive advocate for women and birthing people.

I believe in respectful, empowering care and holding a space for you to make the best choices for your individual circumstances. I believe in the power of honouring the tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual transitions of birth. My focus is on supporting families on their journey to a confident pregnancy, birthing and nurturing experience.

My experience both in the NHS and as an independent practitioner helps me support families with challenging previous birth and feeding experiences. My work as a hypnobirthing practitioner has also greatly added to my offering for birthing people and their families. I am proud to offer postnatal massage or Bone-Closing treatments for all of my clients in the eight weeks after birth. I live in Oxford with my husband, two children and our cat Derek.

Director of Business & Operations

Pat Barlow

Director of Business & Operations

Hi, I’m Pat and I have worked with Private Midwives for several years. I am the Director of Business and Operations and I am responsible for the smooth running of all things admin. I have worked within the private healthcare sector for over 30 years.

Being a Nanny to 13 grandchildren makes me passionate about ensuring you have an amazing birth experience.

Midwife - North West

Rachel Ollier

NMC: 18G0037E

I am a midwife based in Cheshire, in the northwest of England.

Midwifery to me is more than a job, I truly feel an innate connection with midwifery on a deeper level. This is why I have been drawn to working within Private Midwives.

I have a special relationship with home birth, it is my strength, I have had a homebirth myself and have spent most of my career supporting women with homebirth.
Homebirth is not for everyone and I truly value normalising high risk care in labour and on obstetric led units.
My skills as a KG hypnobirthing practitioner and aromatherapy in labour support my midwifery skills.

I offer very individualised care during pregnancy and birth and believe in informed decision making and putting you and your family at the centre of your care.

When I’m not providing care, I am running a busy household of three energetic children with my husband, running a voluntary homebirth support group and photographing the beauty of all thing’s maternity, birth and beyond.

Midwife & Tongue Tie Practitioner - South West

Rebecca Flood

NMC: 01I6838E

Hi my name is Rebecca, I have been a midwife since 2004 with a chosen specialism in breastfeeding and postnatal care. I am a trained tongue tie practitioner and registered with the Association of Tongue Tie practitioners.
I have four beautiful children that I have breastfed and I know only too well the challenges of breastfeeding, having multiple young children and babies with tongue ties! It is hard work but it is achievable and absolutely worth it, and I am here to help you every step of the way. I am passionate about seeing women and their families achieve a successful breastfeeding journey, learning together and growing a strong family bond. I will provide you with one to one support in your own home. I work in North East Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Rebecca in Basingstoke +45-minute radius or the clinic in Farnham, Tattenden:
Email: rebeccaf@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07475 600068
Cost: Clinic £100-180 assessment or assessment & division – Home visits £150-230 assessment or assessment & division

Matron - North & Midlands

Sally Goodwin

NMC: 11B0312E

After qualifying in March 2011, I worked as a hospital midwife, community midwife and a caseload midwife. I’m a qualified hypnobirthing teacher and have a keen interest in optimising women’s birth experience, regardless of where or how they choose to birth. My passions are; physiology, kindness, women’s choices and physiological breech birth. A piece of my heart lies in ‘FreMo’ a birth centre in Kawangware – Nairobi – I have volunteered, supported and fundraised since 2012 and hope to visit again one day.

Midwife - North East

Sam Welford

NMC: 98A0172E

Hi. My name is Sam. I qualified as a Nurse in 2001 and a Midwife in 2009. I have worked for the NHS for the last 21 years and for Private Midwives for 3 years.

I absolutely love my job as a Midwife and have worked and gained skills across all areas of midwifery. I feel comfortable in Homebirth, Hospital or Caesarean Birth settings, but I specialise particularly in facilitating normal physiological birth.

I am passionate about supporting women with Continuity and individualised packages to ensure a positive and empowered experience.
I am a Qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher and Reflexologist, which I offer as part of your package of care, and run Antenatal classes and Pregnancy Retreats. I am also experienced in Biomechanics to optimise fetal position, Moxibustion for breech presentation, and have qualifications in Aromatherapy for Childbirth and the 3 step Birth Trauma Rewind therapy.

I am a mum to 3 (aged 18, 13 and 11) and wife to 1!!! Based in the Beautiful North Yorkshire Moors.

Midwife - South East

Sarah Ifill

NMC: 85J1503E

I have 30 years of experience as a midwife and my specialty is home births.

I offer bespoke individualised midwifery care in the comfort of your own home. I provide continuity, care, and support using a combination of sound clinical evidence based knowledge and occasionally creative thinking.

I aim to facilitate women and their families to make choices that are right for them.

Midwife - London

Sarah March

NMC: 12C0755E

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a midwife based in Berkshire

Matron - South East & West

Sharon Gamon

NMC: 05G2995E

Practice development midwife for South East and South West of England.

To book tongue-tie appointments with Sharon in Southampton, New Forest, Winchester, Hampshire, Some parts of Dorset, Portsmouth:
Email: info@privatemidwives.com
Tel: 07725 840692
Cost: £200-250

Midwife - London

Tina Perridge

I am based in South London near Crystal Palace.I cover all of South London. I offer mainly postnatal care and breastfeeding support, but also some full care, home or hospital birth. I am very experienced with twins and can offer antenatal preparation too.

Midwife - South West

Victoria Lada

NMC: 14B0537E

As a midwife, my greatest joy is being part of a woman’s journey into motherhood.
Every pregnancy and birth story is as unique as a fingerprint and I’m incredibly passionate about ensuring the individual needs of each woman and baby under my care are met.
I have a particular interest in providing breast feeding support, ensuring mothers achieve the confidence and latching technique required to have a positive breastfeeding experience.
I qualified as an Adult Nurse in 2014 and as a midwife in 2017. Whilst I am a private midwife I also continue to work in the NHS to ensure I have current experience from initial contact at booking, maternity assessment, urgent triage to providing induction, labour and postnatal care for women and babies under both midwife- and consultant-led-care.
I also have a background in psychology and have enjoyed my previous experience supporting women throughout their pregnancy in my role as a community midwife for women with complex needs.
I am really excited to be working with Private Midwives to be able to provide you with continuity of carer and support you with your pregnancy and postnatal journey.

Midwife - South East

Zena Hepburn

NMC: 15B0659E

Hi, my name is Zena and I am a midwife based by the coast in sunny Essex. I have supported many women and families and have worked in all areas……High risk delivery units, low risk birth units, theatres and home. My passion is to be able to provide continuity of care throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. I love being on the journey with you and want nothing more than to help you have a positive and enjoyable experience.

I provide evidence based care and information so that you can make informed decisions, feel empowered and to know that you have choices. I want to support you to feel safe, educated and in control of what is a special time in your life. When the time comes for your little one to enter the world, I am happy to support you in hospital or at home