The following information is a guide only. If you have symptoms that persist, or if you are worried, please contact your health professional so a holistic assessment can take place and specific advice can be given.

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In a recent article on
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Rosie who runs the Londoner blog has written a beautiful birth story on the birth of her first child Lily. Rosie had a home birth in a birthing pool with the help of her Private Midwife (Cheryl Opinio-Fisher) – As this was her first child, Rosie had a million and one questions on what she
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Hypnobirthing is currently all the rage in celebrity circles, but what exactly is it and can it really help to relieve labour pains? Liz Halliday, Deputy Head of Midwifery at Private Midwives, spoke with Net Doctor about self-hypnosis and childbirth Take a look here to find out everything you need to know about the birthing
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Whichever method you choose to feed your baby, during the early days you will need to feed him/her every 2-3 hours. Babies have a physiological need to wake frequently to feed and breastfeeding is ideal to support this because it adjusts to suit the baby’s needs and development. In the first few days when his