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Private Postnatal Care

After baby is born, our midwives and support workers are here to help you adjust to life with a new baby, helping with feeding and baby care as well as caring for mum both physically and emotionally. We are here to support you.

After baby is born, the joy and excitement can often be mixed with a lack of sleep and worrying about your new responsibilities as a parent. We are here to help and support you throughout this time. Your midwife will visit you in hospital and/or at home and complete the physical checks for you and baby, assist with feeding and also provide emotional support.

If you are having problems breastfeeding, we can put together an intensive breast feeding support package for you. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and how we can help you.

Why Choose Private Midwives For Your Postnatal Care?

What we can include in the postnatal midwifery services:

  • Advice and support throughout your postnatal care
  • Your midwife will assist you with breast feeding if this is what you choose to do
  • Postnatal care - with visits every day for the first few days, gradually reducing over time as you gain in confidence
  • We will arrange for full examination of baby, screening tests and hearing test if required
  • Physical and emotional support for you as you adjust to your life with a new baby

F.A.Q's - Postnatal Care

Yes, you can book postnatal care as a stand alone option. You don’t have to have antenatal or birth care as well - visit our postnatal appointments page here to book

If possible book as soon as you can. We know how important postnatal care is but sadly, there is very little free community care in some areas. Our midwives do get booked up quickly so contact us as soon as you can to reserve your midwife.

Yes you can. You can increase or decrease the number of weeks of care and you can add the enhanced breast feeding to any of our packages

We can visit in hospital if they will allow and it is what you want. However, most clients opt to start their care package once they are home and adjust the days the visits happen accordingly.

If we have a midwife available, we can offer you a single appointment. The midwife is not available for any advice in between the appointments if you book in this way. You are not guaranteed the same midwife.

If you are planning a home birth we ask you to book at least one week of postnatal care with us so the midwife can complete the postnatal checks on you and baby, arrange screening tests, complete birth notifications, and meet her professional duty of care to you.

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Client Information Booklet

If you would like to know more information of what you can expect from us before making a booking please have a look at our client information booklet

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