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Parents Area

As parents-to-be you will have loads of questions about the birth of your child.

We aim to provide support through our Private Midwives but also to give you help, guidance and support in every aspect of your pregnancy and beyond with our useful Parents Area:

Resource Library

Here we have lots of useful and further information about our services and what we provide to our clients, from information booklets to videos - you'll find the answers and information to the most common questions we get asked.

Videos & Guides

Here we have lots of great videos and further guides from birthing in water, birth pools, breastfeeding, there's also a few video testimonials from our happy customers - you'll find the some useful information in the videos for a range of topics.


Our frequently asked questions section hopefully answers the most common questions asked by parents-to-be. If you don't find an answer to the questions you have here then please contact us on 0800 380 0579.

Pregnancy Calculator

Would you like to find out your due date? Find out with our pregnancy calculator, not only will it give you your due date but also some useful information on the development and progress of your child.

Pregnancy by Trimester

Find out about the development of your child with our pregnancy by trimester section. This features a week-by-week guide on your baby's development and what your baby is doing during each week of your pregnancy.

Private Midwives Blog

Along with giving you support through our private midwives, we also aim to give mums more information on the latest developments in pregnancy and midwifery in our blog area. Find out more here:


  • I have been telling anyone and everyone how wonderful you all are so hopefully some other women may use your services and have a lovely a birth as I did".
  • "I am very satisfied with the care that my Private Midwife has been providing to me during the last few months. Thanks for everything."
  • "I was very happy with all aspects of care. My midwife was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I am so glad we used Private Midwives again".
  • "I couldn't have been in better hands, my Private Midwife went the extra mile to help us and we are so grateful for her care and support".

We've got plenty more testimonials from happy mums, Find out more here: