Complaint handling procedure

It is important to us that you are happy with the care you receive. However, we are aware that pregnancy and birth are anxious times for you as a family, and sometimes the little things can mount up and spoil your experience if they are not addressed promptly.

If you are not completely happy with any element of the care you are receiving, we urge you to speak directly, as soon as possible to the midwife or health professional caring for you. Often, small misunderstandings regarding appointment times, suggestions or advice, for example, can easily be rectified at the time. It is much better for you to be honest and tell us, fix any problem straight away and everyone to be happy going forward.

If your concerns are more serious, or you feel that you cannot get a resolution by talking to your midwife directly, we want you to contact us as soon as possible. Please don’t delay. We ask for your concern in writing so that we have a full record of the issues. You can contact us:

  • Via email at info@privatemidwives,com
  • By post – Private Midwives, The Heath Business Park, Runcorn, WA7 4QX, UK.

We have a procedure for you to follow so that your complaint can be addressed in a structured manner.

When you raise a concern or complaint to us, we will listen to you, investigate, review your notes, respond to you in writing and outline any remedy and actions that we are going to take.

Private Midwives are members of the Independent Healthcare Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS). Complaints will be handled in accordance with their Code of Practice. A copy can be found here:

The process and timeframes are summarised in  the downloadable documents below. Complaints received outside the timeframes stipulated, without exceptional reasons, will be acknowledged but may not be investigated as the ability of staff members to recall events with accuracy and detail may be compromised.

Find out more about the complaints procedures in the following documents: