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We have lots of testimonials from happy mum's and families that have used our services, We have some testimonials that include full descriptions of the services we provided along with a number of quotes and comments taken from mums who have used our services.
Take a look at some of them below:

Over 100 Trustpilot Reviews!

Private Midwives Testimonials

Here are full testimonials from happy clients across the U.K & Republic of Ireland. Click on a testimonial to read more.

Private Midwife for Coronation Street Star - Brooke Lee Vincent

From Aberdeen to Manchester just to use Private Midwives

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Long Pregnancy & Super Fast Birth - London

Home Birth - Antenatal & Postnatal Care - Bath, Somerset

VBAC Home Birth - Antenatal & Postnatal Care - Preston, Lancashire

HBAC - Home Birth after Caesarean - London

A Healing Home Birth & Postnatal Care - Southampton

Having your first baby as a Home Waterbirth - Cheshire

A second Home Birth with Private Midwives - County Galway

Private Midwives - From Ireland to England

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One of a Kind! - Another great homebirth - North West England

First Time Mum - Antenatal, Homebirth & Postnatal Care - Birkenhead

Waterbirth - Antenatal, Homebirth & Postnatal Care - Stoke-on-Trent

Waterbirth - Antenatal & Homebirth - County Galway

Home Birth after Caesarean - Birth Story

Antenatal, Homebirth & Postnatal Care - Essex

Mum & Dad Birth Story - Warrington

Home Birth - Antental & Postnatal Care - Warwickshire

Home Birth - Antental & Postnatal Care - Cork, Ireland

Home Birth - Postnatal Care - Manchester

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Home Birth & Birth Pool - London

Home Birth & Breast Feeding Support - Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Birth Story - Home Birth - Dublin, Ireland

Making a Queen of birth - Home Birth in Ireland

Hypnobirthing, Postnatal Care & Home Birth in Northamptonshire

Private Midwives in Dublin - Home Birth Story

Private Midwife in County Limerick - Home Birth

Private Midwife in Chester - Home Birth

Private Midwife in Cannock - A Home Birth Story

Private Midwives in Ireland - A Beautiful Home Birth Story

Private Midwife in Ireland - A Home Birth Story

Private Midwife in Galway - A Home Birth Experience

Private Midwife in County Clare - A Beautiful Home Birth

"The Fairy Godmother of Midwives" - A Home Birth in Rugby

Home Water Birth after Caesarean - Ireland

Home Birth Story near Galway

VBAC at home in County Wicklow

Quotes & Comments

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"Private Midwives exceeded our expectations. It was the best money we have ever spent. The care was exceptional and I credit the calm and wonderful birth to my Midwife. We have already recommended Private Midwives to others."

  • "My Midwife was and installed so much confidence in me."
  • "Amazing, I am so lucky to have been able to have a Private Midwife look after me"
  • "We will definitely be using the service again in a year or so."
  • "I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the service that has been provided."
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"I was extremely happy with my overall experience. My midwife was wonderful and I felt I was in the best of hands. I was sorry that it all had to end, eventually - I have highly recommended Private Midwives to other woman. Thank you"

  • "My Midwife was fantastic. She's the most professional and knowledgeable health care professional that I have ever dealt with. She is also a very warm and kind person which makes her perfect as a midwife."
  • "An excellent service. My Midwife was very professional and also like a friend, she found the right balance. I will definitely book with her for my next pregnancy. Thank you."
  • "Fantastic. My Midwife has been brilliant all the way through. Would 100% recommend to anyone and we will definitely use Private Midwives again. Thank you very much for such a brilliant service."
  • "It's hard to let go when the midwife has been with me through such an amazing journey! I feel like I've made a good friend and hope to continue seeing my midwife casually going forwards."
“Through quick research online, I found out about Private Midwives. I was amazed! From the moment I knew I was expecting again, I was determined that this time everything would be different and the care from Private Midwives was exactly what I was looking for.”
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"Very satisfied with our experience and the attention to reviewing my past history to make recommendations. Overall we are delighted we made the decision to have the home birth. I wish you all the best of luck building up your network of midwives. We will remember our midwife like no other Health Care Professional involved in pregnancies and births of our children, we will miss her!"
“I am so glad I used your services, it made such a difference to have a midwife who had the time to explain everything and reassure me in every way! I will definitely use Private Midwives again. I told all my family and friends it was worth every penny!”
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"As a first time Mum, the level of care and professionalism I experienced exceeds all my previous expectations. The confidence the Midwife gave me has enabled me to breastfeed and feel competent to look after my baby. I'll never forget the hours my Midwife spent with me trying to get my baby to feed, helping me express, reassuring me. I can't thank my Midwife enough".
  • "My overall experience was fantastic! I felt supported, respected and comfortable. My Midwife went above and beyond to help me make educated decisions and to feel comfortable with my options and choices"
  • "Incredibly positive experience, would definitely recommend Private Midwivess to others and would consider using again if we go on to have any more children. Thank you. A very satisfied customer!"
  • "I couldn't have been in better hands, my Private Midwife went the extra mile to help us and we are so grateful for her care and support. I would have no problem recommending them to others".
  • Our homebirth experience has been more than we could have imagined and hoped for. My husband is now telling all his friends how much he would recommend it".
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"The caring nature and the high level of skill and knowledge that the Midwife has to share far surpasses any other medical professional I have met. This confidence and evident experience completely put mine and my husbands mind at rest and gave us the confidence to carry out our birth plan that we wanted, which was a home birth with minimal intervention of any kind.

  • "I found the experience excellent. Providing the birth pool, including the pump and hose really made things easier form a practical point of view in preparing for the birth. Breast feeding advice was invaluable. Overall I would highly recommend Private Midwives."
  • " I am ultimately grateful to my Midwife and the Private Midwives team for assisting me to have such a wonderful birth experience. From the antenatal care, birth, postnatal care I really could not have wished for anything better. Thank you so much"
  • The Midwife was available as soon as we called her and monitored and stayed with us throughout. Total confidence in her skills and abilities as stated aboveThe birth went perfectly due to our confidence in her and her appropriate instruction"
  • "This is midwifery as it should be practised. Individualised care from start to finish from a midwife with vast experience and total commitment to women and their babies".
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"Using Private Midwives to assist my pregnancy care was the best decision I ever made. The Midwife was amazing in all aspects of my care. She always went above and beyond to put my mind at rest throughout my pregnancy when I started to have problems and most important of all, she was excellent during my labour and a rock for my husband. Thank you".

"I am so grateful to you and your team (especially Judith) for how wonderfully everything went. It was truly an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to have been able to experience it this way as sadly most women don't. I am just so glad I found out about Private Midwives!!
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"Private Midwives assigned me a dedicated midwife. She spent time working through my worries and fears left by the first birth and also set about a plan to try and achieve my hope of a natural labour. She also thoroughly looked through my notes from the first birth which helped to see if there were any complications concerning a natural labour (which, thankfully there were not)."
"I want to thank you and all your team for giving me the opportunity to have the most amazing birthing experience. My Midwife was so fabulous, I felt safe and confident in the care she provided to me at all times. I hope to be in touch with ye all again in the not too distant future". Sarah from Ireland.
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“Everyone I dealt with at Private Midwives right from my initial enquiry was really lovely and I would highly recommend your services to others (and I have)! The postnatal care was invaluable – the high level of support was fantastic and helped me to be able to breast feed. As a first time mum I don’t know how I would have coped without it. I got on really well with my midwife and trusted her completely.”
The midwives at Private Midwives were very supportive and informative and made new fatherhood a much more relaxed experience for me. They made sure that I felt completely involved throughout Sara’s pregnancy and labour, which was very important to me. Sara had decided to have as natural a birth as possible, with no unnecessary medical intervention, and I feel that both she and our daughter benefited hugely from Tracy and Louise’s commitment to that goal, even through the more difficult moments of labour. The standard of care provided before, during and after the birth really was exemplary.
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  • "The best decision I made during pregnancy was choosing to have a home birth with Private Midwives. From the first discussion I had with Tracy about what I wanted, I immediately felt that I was making the right choice for me and my family. I knew that a hospital birth was not be right for me fairly early on in my pregnancy, as I wanted as little as possible intervention and to have a gentle and calm experience in a safe environment with people I knew and trusted around me. The midwives were simply fantastic; they supported and encouraged me throughout the time they spent with me and were extremely well informed by their own professional experience. They were also very helpful in providing me and my husband with information and research so that we could be as confident as possible in the choices we made. I felt completely in control of my pregnancy and labour, and I do not think that would have been possible if I had stayed within the hospital system. After a relaxed water birth at home with Tracy and Louise with us from the very start, I was able to recover from labour very quickly and start to enjoy my new family straight away, which was wonderful. I feel very proud of myself for giving my daughter the best birth experience I could have hoped for, and I know that a large part of that is due to having the very best care from a superb team of midwives."
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"I am so grateful to the service and the whole team. As a foreigner giving birth for the first time, I know that I couldn't have been in better hands. Not only did Private Midwives immediately send out the perfect Midwife, but they arranged cord blood collection / storage. At a time when I felt most vulnerable I know that I was on good hands, every single person I spoke with seemed to care about my well being, it was most appreciated. Because of Private Midwives, I am grateful that I ended up giving birth in the UK, I wouldn't have had this level of support in the United States".