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A Campervan Birth Story

Kirsty and Dara had used Private Midwives in Ireland for the home birth of their beautiful boy, Jack.

Kirsty and Dara were so pleased with their first home birth experience that they decided to use Private Midwives again for the birth of their second son. Our midwife, Madelaine was working in Ireland at the time of their first child but had since moved over to England.

Kirsty and Dara decided to travel over to England in their fantastic campervan to utilise Madelaine again and have provided us with a great video and story to share their experience:

Kirsty & Dara's Story:

Kirsty & Dara's Story:

  • Thadhg was born at 6.10pm, weighed 7.9oz, and had a 36cm head circumference, and we had our dream birth. Tadhg came into this world as I was up in the sleeper cab of our house truck. My back arched standing on knelt knees, Tadhg was born in his amniotic fluid - which they say is auspicious. I had felt for his head as I began to feel the uncontrollable surges to push, I had felt a softness that was the amniotic fluid sack as I roared to bring him out. Of course Tadhg was doing so much of the work too, bless his delicate beaming golden heart. He gave me the gift of a magic glow through birthing, I felt so enlivened. During the labour I said to Madelaine that I thought the head was coming, then I recall her telling me to stop pushing and taking my hands I felt your sack as I pushed you out, the sack burst and your head was in my hands. Warm fluid on my thighs Madelaine urged me to stop pushing and start little rapid pantings to look after my perineum - which I wilfully did, and not a scratch.

    Then feeling the rest of your body come after. The peace, the bliss and the joy of the birth being almost fulfilled. Our midwife said, "take your baby". He was so peaceful, his little eyes open and taking in what they were experiencing. We both laughed to see that he was another boy, as we were convinced that he was a girl. Then out came the placenta - a messy affair with all the blood and the fluids, but we were in such bliss to have Tadhg safely with us. We lay together in bed myself and Tadhg, the chord still attached. His dad would have had me carry him attached by chord for days till it came off naturally. We kept him attached to the chord for an hour. Then we cut it.

    I was nervous about the birth and the pain this time around. A best friend who had had an orgasmic birthing experience, had expressed the importance of bringing as much love, pleasure, and joy to the birth as I was able. So I massaged myself as much as I could trying to bring as much pleasure to such a powerful experience. I massaged my breasts and all around where you were to come from. Exploring and experimenting to keep myself present throughout my contractions. I certainly had a most incredible experience of labour this time around!

    Daddy Dara had no clue that I had even gone into labour, I was unaware too. I was 2cm dilated when Madelaine examined me. She suggested some hula hooping exercises to move the labour on to the next stages - to nudge Tadhg into the right position to come through. I had spent the previous ten years dancing with hula hoops so this felt natural and special! I air hooped for two hours until the first unmistakable contraction. Whilst Dara cooked us dinner, I rode the surges and waves... breathing into them hanging off the bed frame, sometimes our little boy Jack riding on my back playing horses until the waves became so strong. Madelaine made the final asessment, and said, lets get to the truck, your baby will be in your arms very soon. So we went to the truck for the final stages and out Tadhg came

    Thank you Madelaine, Private midwives, and the Universe.

    xx Love Kirsty, Dara, Jack and Tadhg xx

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