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Important information for International Clients

Many of our clients are not entitled to free NHS care as they have travelled from abroad, or are working abroad. Access to free NHS care is based on residency, not citizenship and so even if you have a UK passport, if you have been living and working abroad you may not be entitled to free NHS care.

Further information can be found here:

New rules to improve overseas visitors contributions to NHS care

Entitlements and Charges - Overseas Visitors

To qualify for free NHS care, you must meet the criteria for “ordinarily resident” and there is a tool to help you. Click the link below to access the tool:

Ordinarily Resident - Guidance Tool

Irrespective of wether you are entitled to free NHS care or not, you may choose to access our private services. We have a range of packages that you can choose from. Please visit our Services for International Clients page for further information.

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