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Here we have lots of useful and further information about our services and what we provide to our clients, from information booklets to F.A.Q's - you'll find the answers and information to the most common questions we get asked.

Coronavirus - Private Midwives Approach & Guidelines

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact throughout the United Kingdom and to the NHS services is creating a worrying time for all people, particularly those who are pregnant. Please read the attached document to find out the strategy and approach that Private Midwives are taking to ensure everyone within our care is safeguarded and protected as much as possible.

The Face Behind The Mask

Covid-19 has affected us all, in these difficult times we wanted to show you some of the faces behind the masks that have been helping mums-to-be during the pregnancy and birth. The uncertainty that the virus has brought around giving birth has been a worrying time for pregnant women and we have been extremely busy in reassuring and helping or clients in this difficult time to make the most of their birth experience and to enjoy this magical moment in their lives.

Covid Antibody Testing

We are able to offer Covid Antibody Testing (to see if you have had the virus, not to check if you have it now) for all members of Private Midwives, their families, clients and their families. This is a blood test either by standard procedure or, home finger prick collection. The cost is £30 each - if you would like to find out more please contact us HERE

Information Booklets

There are hundreds of questions that mums-to-be have when they are expecting a child. We have some useful information on several topics in the following section

Water Birth Booklet

If you would like to know more information of what you can expect with a water birth please take a look at our information booklet


Client Information Booklet

If you would like to know more information of what you can expect from us before making a booking please have a look at our client information booklet


Outcomes & Results

We are a well established company providing private midwifery services in the UK, Ireland and channel islands. Take a look at our outcome data for 2019-2020 with a recommendation rate of 99% you can be sure you are choosing the right care with Private Midwives.

Most common questions

We would advise taking a look at our extensive FAQ section for answers to the most common questions before calling us:

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commision

“The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are the organisational regulator for all health care providers in the UK. ALL organisations who employ more than one person, are required by law to be registered, inspected and regulated by the CQC.
This gives YOU, the patient – information about how the service is run, if it is effective, safe, caring and responsive to your needs. It is a safety and quality assurance mechanism.”
We have just had our 2018 report conducted by the CQC - You can read the full report here

Excerpts from the CQC Report 2018

  • ‘Women told us that the care they received had exceeded their expectations. We saw many testimonials from women and their families that praised the exceptional care offered.’
  • ‘Staff cared for women with compassion. Women valued their relationships with their midwife and there were several examples where staff had gone the extra mile to support women during home and hospital births.’
  • ‘People could access the service when they needed it. Staff responded quickly to initial enquiries and offered free of charge initial consultations to help women decide if the service was right for them.’
  • ‘The service operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Women were offered flexible appointments that were mutually agreed between the woman and her midwife.’