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Private Midwife in North West England, Hospital Birth & Postnatal Care

Private Midwives were contacted by Elaine who was looking to use a private midwife for the birth of her child.

Private midwives assigned Madelaine as her midwife and began by discussing the options of the home or hospital birth with Elaine.

Although Elaine wanted to have a home birth this turned out to not be the best option for her and instead she gave birth to her beautiful son Teddy in hospital. She was happy to share her experience with us:

Elaine's Story:

  • I met my midwife Madelaine when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Over the remaining 20 weeks, she came and got to know us as a whole family and was so inclusive with everyone, even our cats! I couldn't have wished for better support from Madelaine and it was always a pleasure to have her over for my antenatal checks. She was there for us at any moment we needed her at all times during my pregnancy and after and this felt so reassuring to me and my partner. It allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I could without being worried about mine or the baby's health.

    I originally planned on having a home birth with Madelaine, but unfortunately this didn't end up being the best option for me. Throughout the whole process of deciding whether to stay at home or go to hospital, Madelaine was by my side helping me to make an informed choice that was right for myself and the baby. We were so so gutted we didn't get to have our home birth with Madelaine and that she wasn't able to be in the hospital due to coronavirus, but she was still there for us to support us through that grief and for our postnatal care. She was amazing with our son (who loved her almost as much as we did!) and she gave me the confidence to trust myself as a new mum.

    We loved having Madelaine as our midwife and wouldn't ever do it again without her, I don't know how I can ever thank her enough. The only bad part was having to say goodbye!

Meet the midwife

Birth is a very personal and intimate event. We recognise how important it is that you meet your midwife and have a “connection” so that you can develop a trusting, professional relationship going forward. We hold regular “meet the midwife” sessions where you can come along and chat to past clients, talk to the midwives and ask questions. We also offer you a free consultation to talk through things on a more personal level and discuss your individual needs and wishes. Please contact us for further information.

If you would like to find out about our Meet the Midwife sessions please call 0800 380 0579

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