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The Private Midwives Team
Another Great Home Birth Story

Emma contacted us after having had a very disempowering first birth experience in hospital, and wanted to feel more empowered and in control with a home birth for the arrival of her baby girl.

Emma decided to use Private Midwives to provide antenatal care, support during a home birth and postnatal support. Our midwives, Madelaine & Geraldine were at hand for the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

Emma has written a heartfelt account of her experience and a wonderful testimonial of our midwives, Madelaine, Rachel and Geraldine she's also sent us some fantastic pictures. Here is Emma's account of her experience:

Emma's Homebirth Experience:

  • Just wanted to send over my thanks to the company for supporting me to have the most amazing and positive birth experience recently. I think it was fate that I ended up assigned to Madelaine, because from the first meeting we had I just knew this was going to be right for me.. I’m still trying to find the words to explain how brilliant she has been from that very first phone call and meeting, to us saying goodbyes 1 week post birth a few days ago. Because some things are just indescribable. Madelaine is just that. One of a kind. The most amazing midwife and human being and I feel so lucky to have had her guide me through this journey to have a home birth. The combination of her knowledge and passion to inform her mothers to be, combined with her wonderful manner and nature meant that I never doubted I could do this.

    Having had a very disempowering first birth experience in a hospital, I am now left feeling totally empowered and proud of myself for birthing my beautiful baby girl at home. I have learnt so much, and my life has been changed forever from this wonderful experience.

    Madelaine’s skill and motivation to ensure I didn’t tear (having been coerced into an episiotomy in my previous hospital birth) has left for a much more pain free and speedy recovery physically post birth than I had experienced in the past. I cannot thank her , Rachel my second midwife, the midwife who joined Madelaine the evening of my birth Geraldine, and the company enough.

    I still can’t believe that I was able to put my 16 month old to bed at 7.45pm at home , then just come downstairs and with Madelaine’s amazing support, only 45mins later birth and hold my new baby.

    I will be highly recommending home births, and your company to anyone I come across who is even dancing with the idea of having a home birth.

Meet the midwife

Birth is a very personal and intimate event. We recognise how important it is that you meet your midwife and have a “connection” so that you can develop a trusting, professional relationship going forward. We hold regular “meet the midwife” sessions where you can come along and chat to past clients, talk to the midwives and ask questions. We also offer you a free consultation to talk through things on a more personal level and discuss your individual needs and wishes. Please contact us for further information.

If you would like to find out about our Meet the Midwife sessions please call 0800 380 0579

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