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Private Midwives - From Ireland to England

Claire had used Private Midwives for the birth of their first child in Ireland. When she became pregnant for the second time she wanted to have the same midwife, Madelaine, for her second child.

Madelaine had relocated to the U.K but this did not deter Claire from making the decision to travel to Liverpool and make sure Madelaine was at hand for the birth of her beautiful second child, Roisin. In her words "Madeline is the most amazing Midwife and I would follow her to the ends of the earth. And I did!"

Claire has kindly shared her birth story experience and some great pictures of baby Roisin and her time with Private Midwives:

Claire's Experience:

  • The minute I knew I was pregnant (Nov.21) with the pregnancy stick result in my hand, the first thought was Madeline! My amazing midwife from our last birth of Tadgh (2019), here in Ireland. We were one of her very last babies before she was headhunted to the U.K. I always said I would follow her to the ends of the earth if we were blessed with another gift from above.

    And so the journey and quite literally ‘the voyage’ begun. When the hope of Madeline coming back to Ireland or Northern Ireland, to be our Midwife were dashed, i tearfully knew there had to be a way. I saw there was an International package (U.K. non E.U.) as an option. Although financially much more than our first homebirth, I was happy there was at least a way or a step to have a homebirth with Madeline.

    And so the journey found its way. My partner had been through the roller-coaster of emotions and locations of how we could have this baby with Madeline. When I sat him down with the U.K last resort scenario, he knew it had to happen. The Wednesday 8.30am Dublin-Holyhead ferry was booked weekly before the full ‘move over’ to Liverpool at week 36 happened. It was wonderful to see Madeline again with her big banner waiting at the train station for me. She was exactly how i remembered her - in purple! Not to mention excited and so enthusiastic that i was making my ‘leap’ to Liverpool.

    She completed all checks, ultrasound, palpation time and all her other checks. I finally felt ‘my care had begun’. At week 34 (like the last pregnancy) we started on our path together.

    We rented a beautiful Victorian house 10 mins away from Madeline ‘ s home. She would be so close for when that call would be made. My partner and 2 year old Tadgh returned to Ireland that weekend before the birth. They dropped me over by ferry with my ’Madeline list’ almost completed.

    Although I was alone technically, I felt supported, safe and relaxed to focus on our ‘mission’! Madeline’s presence was always with me at the house. She had a spare key, was on her phone checking on me, called to me everyday. We even had some of our ‘magic’ check ups out in nature, by the beach, in the forest. We meditated and focused on our path ahead. I felt really focused, could push aside all the ‘jobs’ that needed doing at home, could think of myself and my baby 110%. The headspace of visualising was really clear and joyous.

    That week of preparation with Madeline was a holiday on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I could connect with my baby completely. Madeline ‘s presence and senses were so strong, she knew when the baby was to arrive, ‘at the weekend ‘, she said.

    Roisin Fogarty was born on Sunday 19th of June just as she said! 38 weeks on the dot she came after a 37 min labour. An Intensely powerful labour, but as Madeline had prepared me for, it would be a really fast 2nd stage. Everything Madeline had said happened. She educated and prepared me for every scenario and I trusted everything she said. Madeline was always clear and explained every situation so well. I felt strong and clear of what would be. I felt confident and safe in her hands and by her side.

    I actually never had to ‘call’ Madeline who lived 10 mins away. She called on me that Sunday morning and knew by one look at my tired face we ‘would have a baby by the afternoon ‘, despite me having no symptoms!

    Madeline not only birthed us, but also cared for me in my 1st week post partum. My partner arrived 5 days after the birth and Madeline was by my side for all that time nourishing, supporting, educating and doing everything for me to rest. The photo’s of my time with Madeline in Liverpool are a testament to ‘how well’ I looked 1 week pre/post birth! (Definitely my return home to my 2 year old and life stacked up some tiredness since!).

    Madeline is the most amazing Midwife and I would follow her to the ends of the earth. And I did! It was not my home but made it a home for that time. It was not my homeland but it was for that chapter. It was perfect because I had my Madeline . If Madeline is doing her ‘vocation’ in years ahead, i will be wanting my daughter to be blessed to have her care. Maybe that wish will also come true x

Meet the midwife

Birth is a very personal and intimate event. We recognise how important it is that you meet your midwife and have a “connection” so that you can develop a trusting, professional relationship going forward. We hold regular “meet the midwife” sessions where you can come along and chat to past clients, talk to the midwives and ask questions. We also offer you a free consultation to talk through things on a more personal level and discuss your individual needs and wishes. Please contact us for further information.

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