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Private Midwife in Sussex, Hospital Birth & Support

Private Midwives were contacted by Charlotte who was looking to have a home birth in Sussex.

Private midwives assigned Lucy as her midwife and Charlotte was also given back up of further Midwives in case of changes due to Covid-19.

There were some complications for Charlotte in having a home birth and instead had to have a hospital birth where beautiful baby Phoenix was born. Charlotte has shared her birth experience and story with us:

Charlotte's Story:

  • Lucy was assigned as my midwife and after the first meet, i knew she would be great. She made me (and my dog!) feel very comfortable and cared for immediately. Lucy ensured that I met two 'backup midwives durinng the next couple of appointments alongside checking how I was both physically and emotionally regarding the upcoming birth. Unfortunately, due to covid-19, Lucy was forced to isolate so was unable to support me fully for the final 2 weeks. Despite this, Lucy remained supportive via Whatsapp, sending me an audio hypnobithing meditation and continued to respond to any questions, worries or otherwise. She was also able to do one of my post-natal appointments. I felt extremely well supported and would absolutely recommend Lucy to anyone expecting.

    Ruth stepped in as my midwife only 2 weeks before the birth. She instantly made me feel comfortable and was able to go through many concerns I had regarding my post-term pregnancy. I never felt coerced or convinced any which way however, I felt well informed and capable of making the right choices for me. Ruth showed support of my decisions throughout. I had to go into the hospital to give birth in the end and was informed, while in the hospital, that Ruth would not be allowed to come in due to covid-19. Since Ruth had checked the week before, rules had changed. However, I argued with them to allow her entry (I believe that she had to convince them to let her in too!) and luckily, Ruth was able to support me during the birth. I honestly felt much safer and more comfortable after she arrived - She ensured that as much of my birthing plan was adhered to (which the hospital staff appeared to have no idea about). This allowed me to be as calm as possible during the birth and focus my energy on what I needed to do.

    Without Ruth, I think my baby would almost certainly be bottle fed. I was so keen to breastfeed but as my baby had a tongue tie, this was quite a hurdle. With Ruth's knowledge and support, I'm breastfeeding successfully and so grateful for her support and knowledge in this.

    I would, without a doubt, recommend Lucy and/or Ruth as midwives and, should I have another baby in the future, I will not hesitate to have them by my side again. The service was invaluable and makes for the best birthing experience possible.

Meet the midwife

Birth is a very personal and intimate event. We recognise how important it is that you meet your midwife and have a “connection” so that you can develop a trusting, professional relationship going forward. We hold regular “meet the midwife” sessions where you can come along and chat to past clients, talk to the midwives and ask questions. We also offer you a free consultation to talk through things on a more personal level and discuss your individual needs and wishes. Please contact us for further information.

If you would like to find out about our Meet the Midwife sessions please call 0800 380 0579

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