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Parent Education - Antenatal Education

Antenatal education, or parent education aims to prepare expectant parents for pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

At Private Midwives we provide this information over 3 sessions that can be held over a video call or face to face.

We know that you are all really busy and making time to attend “classes” can be a challenge. We also know that sometimes, you feel a little embarrassed to ask questions in front of others. So, all our private antenatal classes are just for you and your partner or close family. No strangers.

Having this information means you can be more prepared – physically, emotionally, and practically. This can give you more confidence.

It also means you can start to think about your options and choices. You can be better prepared and have a greater understanding of what is happening and why.

What is involved with each session?

Session One:
Preparing for birth

  • What is a birth plan?
  • Optimal fetal positioning, Birth ball
  • Perineal Massage
  • Colostrum harvesting
  • What to pack and what not to pack
  • Thinking about location, comforts, waterbirth, movement
  • Nutrition in early labour/prelabour
  • Braxton hicks, coping in the latent phase
  • Stages of labour
  • When to call your midwife
  • Role of birth partner

Session Two:

  • Recap on stages of labour
  • Pain relief options – tens, water, epidural, massage, movement, injections
  • Positions, movement, massage
  • Spontaneous birth
  • Instrumental birth
  • Caesarean birth
  • VBAC/HBAC what to consider
  • 3rd stage, cord clamping (who, when, how)
  • 3rd stage potential problems
  • Perineal trauma and stitches
  • Skin to skin with baby

Session Three:
Feeding & Postnatal

  • Formula feeding – making up feeds, equipment
  • Colostrum harvesting
  • Breast feeding – positioning and attachment, frequency, problem solving, tongue tie
  • Skin to skin
  • Maternal nutrition and rest
  • Emotional wellbeing in the postnatal period
  • Baby screening – NIPE, hearing, NBBS (link)
  • Jaundice
  • Cord care
  • Safe sleeping

You can access our parent education in one of two ways

Typically 2hrs per session

Sessions are £50 each
Book all 3 sessions for £130

Lasting around 2hrs per session

Sessions are £175 each
Book all 3 sessions for £500

If the content here isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can book a tailor made session just for you, to cover the topics you want to talk about.

Already Booked With Us?

If you have booked our Silver, Gold or Platinum care package, all of your parent education is included during your antenatal appointments and is spread throughout your care with us.

All sessions are held at a time convenient for you. At the end of each session will be time for questions. Typically, each session is 2hrs.

Sessions can be arranged for any stage of pregnancy and can be spaced out to suit your needs. We advise completing before week 36 of pregnancy.

Client Information Booklet

If you would like to know more information of what you can expect from us before making a booking please have a look at our client information booklet

See the Resource Library

Take a look at our resource library for guides on planning your birth, antenatal & postnatal plans of care, water births and much more.