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Birth Choices

Making sure you are happy with the arrangements for the birth of your child is one of the most important aspects of pregnancy.
Have a look at the birth options we can provide for you below...

Home Birth

Being at home, relaxed in your own environment is the best possible place for normal healthy mums. Find out about Home Birth Options here

Support in Hospital

If you prefer to have your baby in hospital, your private midwife can accompany you and will be with you throughout the birth of your baby. Find out about Hospital Births here

Cord blood & cord tissue stem cell banking

Cells4Life is the UK’s most popular bank, serving more UK parents than any other company. Private Midwives is proud to work with Cells4Life in offering parents-to-be the unique opportunity to store their child's precious stem cells at the time of birth.

Cells4Life can offer the following:

  • 3x more stem cells – Cells4Life’s exclusive CellsPlus service preserves 3x more stem cells at the point of treatment than any other method, enabling the treatment of larger patients and even multiple stem cell therapies
  • Multiple samples – Cells4Life can divide your sample into separate portions so that your baby can use just the right amount required for therapy, and leave the rest in storage for future use
  • Dual locations – Cells4Life is the only cord blood bank to offer dual location storage, splitting your baby’s samples across two facilities for maximum security and peace of mind
  • Round-the-clock service – Cells4Life’s laboratory, collection, courier and customer care team operate 24/7 365 days per year as baby can arrive at any moment

Contacting Cells4Life

For more information:

Tel: 01444 873950

Email: enquiry@cells4life.com

Website: cells4life.com/private-midwives