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Umbilical cord stem cell banking

Your baby could be part of the first generation to live beyond 100.…so imagine being able to protect their long-term health within minutes of birth.

Preparing them for whatever scrapes, scratches and sicknesses they may face throughout their lifetime… and ensuring they enjoy quality of life as well as longevity - Cord blood banking could do just that.

Your baby’s umbilical cord is rich in powerful stem cells, which have the ability to repair, regenerate and restore damaged or diseased tissue. Today, they already treat more than 85 conditions, including various forms of cancer and anaemia.

In future, they are expected to treat many others such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, autism and brain injury. Collecting cord blood is simple, safe and straightforward. It takes as little as 15 minutes yet could protect your baby for an entire lifetime.

Private Midwives has partnered with the UK’s leading cord blood bank, Cells4Life, to offer expectant parents the chance to save their baby’s umbilical cord blood and, as part of your birth package with us, we will perform the stem cell collection for you – saving you £300.

Why Cells4Life?

Cells4Life is the UK’s most popular bank, serving more UK parents than any other company.

  • 3x more stem cells – Cells4Life’s exclusive CellsPlus service preserves 3x more stem cells at the point of treatment than any other method, enabling the treatment of larger patients and even multiple stem cell therapies
  • Multiple samples – Cells4Life can divide your sample into separate portions so that your baby can use just the right amount required for therapy, and leave the rest in storage for future use
  • Dual locations – Cells4Life is the only cord blood bank to offer dual location storage, splitting your baby’s samples across two facilities for maximum security and peace of mind
  • Round-the-clock service – Cells4Life’s laboratory, collection, courier and customer care team operate 24/7 365 days per year as baby can arrive at any moment

Contacting Cells4Life

For more information:

Tel: 01444 873950

Email: enquiry@cells4life.com

Website: cells4life.com/PM

Cord blood banking & delayed cord clamping

For the first time ever, cord blood banking is fully compatible with delayed cord clamping. In the past, the smaller volumes of blood left after delayed or optimal cord clamping have been either too small to be processed, or not contained enough stem cells to be therapeutically useful.

Cells4Life’s CellsPlus service can process samples as small as just 10ml and preserves three times more stem cells than any other method. As a result, the small amounts of blood remaining after delayed cord clamping can processed and are as therapeutically useful as those harvested after immediate cord clamping using any other method.

At last you can give your baby a healthy birth with delayed cord clamping, and a healthy tomorrow by saving their umbilical cord stem cells.