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Feeling a little sick in the mornings? Try our tips to reduce morning sickness About half of “mums-to-be” experience feeling nauseous, particularly in the mornings. This is due to three main reasons: Hormonal changes Low blood sugar Sensitivity to environmental factors In most cases, as the hormone circus starts to stabilize and settle down at
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Change is the one constant in this universe and as signs of summer are all around us we see evidence of this. As a midwife supporting a small caseload of pregnant women I am privileged to support them during a period of profound change in their lives. The internal hormonal shifts begin immediately when you
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Almost all modern women acquire a due date early in pregnancy and understand that this date signifies an optimum time frame during which human pregnancy should end. However researchers have challenged received wisdom around the notion of the average length of pregnancy (Mittendorf et al1990, 1993, Mittendorf & Williams 1991, van der Kooy 1994), Other
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In this beautiful picture you can see that each grain of sand is unique and beautiful and I want you to reflect on just how amazing it looks! A beach full of sand or even the contents of a child’s sandpit looks uniform, you would expect that as you let the grains fall through your